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Schorndorfer Weiber
Schorndorfer Weiber

Here the answer of the “Schorndorfer Weiber”, the community of my mother to my situation. I am living in the streets in Switzerland and begging for five months now, tortured by technologies of the “new national socialist” german healthcare, nobody is believing they exist. Why and in favor of whom? In case I get hurt or kill myself due to the tortures, who will get all I have including the whole family heritage? I mean there are some regulations about the procedure. Why does not a single woman drive 200 km to help me? My sister is already knocked out by the german healthcare. The sister of my father nearly died there, because people were too trendy and not caring. So am I chased, tortured and killed for the local museum or other social projects of the city running out of money? They get my live, are not responsible, are supporting social projects and are expecting me to go to the swiss charity not verificating what happened? That might be, why neither the lord mayor of this city is not answering me, nor the local Diakonie or my bank refusing to use technology. Needless to say that not a single of my former business partners or friends feels responsible. From my side it is not primarily about the money, but about the identification and prosecution of the responsibles of my tortures, nobody is caring about. And obviously there are several. I have no clue what this community thinks, but if you read the mails below, it could also be that they are afraid of german authorities as I am. Check their technologies before moving or investing there, but probably they are just treating germans like that.

I wrote them this blogpost and obviously they are supporting my death penalty as everybody.

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Memories, Emotions and Experiences


Just a few notes about 2009. Since I had no holidays for years and a case of guardianship in the family, I decided to do as much as possible short trips across Europe. Unfortunately the reviews I wrote on TripsByTips disappeared as I mentioned in another blog, so here some notes about this experiences. Consider it as a spontanous memory experiment, to learn from.

Amsterdam, 8.4. – 14.4.2009

Living in a nice guesthouse next to a canel, I was strolling around the city. Not remembering that much, since I have been there several times before. Was impressed by a chinese man, living in Vienna who told me that he is spending every weekend in Amsterdam, because Vienna made him depressive, due to the big white buildings there. He preferred the small red ones.

Potsdam, 27.4.-29.4.2009

There I was amazed by how quickly they rebuild the historical city and dealt with the further planning of the area. The reason for the journey was a seminar. I was a bit disappointed they did no team building events outside the hotel.

Paris, 30.4.-3.5.2009

Was just in the mood for updating my map of the city and looking for clothes for challenging people hardly to find in Germany. Unbelievable difficult to remember, what I did exactly also here, because I have been there many times before and later.

Berlin, 7.5.-10.5.2009

Went to Berlin for business reasons and added some days to have a change of scenery. Basically I spent most of the time in Charlottenburg and Mitte.

Cannes, 30.7.-5.8.2009

Having worked in Nice for some months 14 years ago, I did not manage it to visit Cannes at that time. So we were discovering the beaches in the area and spent most of the evenings in one of the many restaurant along Rue St. Antoine to enjoy the manifold meals and watch the tourist streams walking up and down the alley. Liked some hidden beaches outside, but also the sports beaches within the city and the impressive yachting harbor. One day we went to Nice.

Ibiza, 10.9.-24.9.2009

A typical party holiday. I was sleeping most time of the day and visiting the famous clubs at night. Was a bit annoyed that the gods started playing at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. On the other hand quite interesting to get up at night and visit one of those dream like spectacles at Amnesia. Feels like finding oneself in another dream. Was meeting people who spent all of their holidays there for decades and found it a bit complicated to enter those well practiced groups. On the other side I met people who avoided to meet somebody of their groups. One day I went to the legendary Cafe del Mar to watch the famous sunsets there. Since it was to busy I went to another place at the promenade.

Madrid, 29.09.-4.10.2009

Being the first time in this city I was busy with exploring all of its amenities. Was impressed by the massive colonialist merchant and trading houses in the inner city and the pulsating nightlife. One day I spent in the Prado, dealing with european history and the leisure area next to it. Was at a birthday party and amazed, that people were discussing about what language the spanish king should speak, and some people refused to sit at a table where a spanish flag was in the middle, and not the one of their region.

Copenhagen, 7.10.-11-10.2009

There I was taking part in the Kulturnatten, where several cultural venues opened their doors and offered manifold events. In the parliament I was amazed by the development of regulations for german and danish minorities in both countries. At the post museum they discussed how many CO2 an email is producing and the dark sides of the technological revolution. Then I visited the royal guards and dealt with their development and function. Later I enjoyed the view over the city from the round tower. The next day I visited the outdoor exhibition “100 places to remember” due to the world climate summit taking place there this year. Then I had a stroll through the autonomous community of Christiania to find out, how they life.

Warsaw, 14.10.-18.10.2009

In Warsaw I was amazed by the manifold faces of the city reflecting the regimes of the past in close neighbourhood: historical old town, ghetto, socialist and modern area. Was amazed by an exhibition dealing with the fears of polish intellectuals of the westernization of the country in the 80s.

Budapest, 21.10.-27.10.2009

Was visiting Hungary for their national holiday and was surprised by immense national socialist demonstrations within the city, learning about their view of the development in the last decade in Europe. Then I was attending an exhibition of Turner and dealt with the making of his travel sketches and paintings. Apart from that I was doing the obligatory sightseeing, shopping, dining and clubbing.

London, 29.10.-2.11.2009

Not having been to London for 20 years I wanted to check, how the city has developed since then. First the typical tourist programm, walking up and down Oxford Street, strolling along the riverside and enjoying the nightlife around Leicester Square. Since having visited Turner already in Budapest the week before, I went to the National Gallery to see his finished oeuvres. Then I discovered the Building Centre and was dealing with New London Architecture especially the London Plan. Loved the British Music Experience Museum for the smart entrance card enabling the storage of what you did and what you have seen.

Lisbon, 5.11.-9.11.2009

Having been there for the first time, I visited all the mayor spots of interest. First I climbed around the old castle, then I had a look at the old town. Was very impressed by the exhibition park, the oceanario and the Vasco da Gama bridge. If I remember it right, I have seen the first self check-out supermarket there. Then I went to the Gulbenkian Foundation and dealt with artistic, social and cultural developments.

Berlin, 11.11.-15.11.2009

Berlin again for a job interview. Living in Prenzlauer Berg for the first time, I explored this part of the city. Liked the many comfortable brunch places.

Krakow, 24.12.2009-7.1.2010

Was taking part in blind booking from Germanwings and got Krakow. The weather was that horrible, that we were not allowed to land. The pilot announced that he would land anyway, because his stewardess wanted to spend christmas there. If he wouldn’t manage it, we could complain with the airline. Holy night I spent in St. Mary’s Basilika famous for the hejnal, new years eve first at the public party on the main square, then in a trendy club. Liked the Kosciuszko Mound outside, the medieval city center, Kazimierz and the crazy clubs. I met a bloke who took me to Zakopane, a famous skying resort there, where I went to the hairdresser without understanding a word.

If you ask me now, why I reacted how to some situations, the answer is probably more difficult than what I can remember spontanously. Probably much to do with habitudes and prior experiences or not experiences. But without doubt, there is a need for better documentation and analysis.

Going to consult Facebook in the next step to enrich this blogpost, with my past information available for me to improve this consolidation.

Let me tell you, how the story continued. One day later I had a look at the postings and comments I made in  2009 on Facebook. So I could retrieve the information that I discovered the Building Center and British Music Experience in London that year. Unfortunately I started Facebook only in April 2009. Furthermore I was wondering why I was consolidating Lisbon in Berlin, and why and how I commented some postings of others, maybe still having impact on my life today without me knowing about it. Since I could have said things on classical media too, I have a rough idea what was going on later in the political room in Germany, with what consequences. Obviously I was not able integrate the various and opposing interest groups. #Sensemaking

Communities and Emergencies


“The question is, how community providers should react, if their members are in life danger, and nobody of the other connected members is reacting?”.  Thats how I commented the message about the image campaign of Facebook in Germany on Xing, with this link.

You can find my thousands of Xing and Facebook contacts here. Unfortunately I have no Social Graph for them. So I wrote to the lord mayor of the city of Schorndorf, as my beloved mother would. I will publish the letter later, first I have to find something to eat, while the german healthcare is smashing my brain.


Bounded Reality, Finance and Agents

Horw from Himmelrich
Horw from Himmelrich

For the manifold data systems and algorithms of the world here my experience from living in Horw.

Horw is a nice small town located at the south of Lucerne situated at the lake and foot of Mount Pilatus. Fortunately I found a person who let me a room in a wonderful old wooden house next to a swimming place and close to the mountain.

Fortunately my “embodied german control system” was stopping to bother me with childhood abuse, violence, bars, circles, colors and nationalities, but gave me the next projects. I was supposed to sell my property in Cologne without contacting german institutions and to write letters of application. In order to make it not too easy, it was disrupting me the whole day with a distorted analysis of my activities. So I gave my best to ignore it.

I called a few swiss wealth management companies and was asking them, weather they could deal with my property in Germany, unfortunately they couldn’t. Then I went to the local branches of UBS and Credit Suisse in Lucerne. UBS asked me to go the Germany Desk in Zurich, Credit Suisse obviously does not deal with real estate at all. Unfortunately I could not afford a trip to Zurich.

Then I asked two of my german banks, how they think about the situation and the activities of  my “controlling system”. The first did not react, the second asked me to consult my mother. A bit difficult, since she started crying and hang up the last time I called her, because she did not understand what they are doing with me for four years now.

The project with the applications was a bit difficult, since I spent most time of  the day in the streets asking for people for food. Additionally I restarted my running activities, I had to disrupt due to my homelessness before. To improve my education I often went to the technical university and dealt with some projects of them. Much about digitalization, data and living in future. Without doubt highly controversial projects.

I had to leave Horw after four months, because I was not able to solve the financial problem, despite I was able to survive. That is also why I was never registered there. Wondering what people think, who don’t know the details of the situation.



Money, Money.


Imagine the following: After you get roasted and insulted in your flat in Germany, that you leave the country with your last power, three times, get tortured abroad by their crazy technologies, trying to make you mad, you are loosing all you have, and nobody in the whole country or world is doing something against it.

One of the most interesting communications is the one with my bank. My grandfather opened a savings account with me there when I was four years old. I was saving virtuously with all my relatives for world savings day, when I went there with my piggy bank in order to get further presents. Later I was one of the first who had a checking account for pupils with them. Then I was very busy with their business and stock market simulations at school. Then I became associate member and inherited the memberships of died relatives.

Telling them hundreds of times what was happening 2013 and is happening now, they are refusing to investigate the case and manage my money. Instead they are asking me to contact my 82 years old sick mother who is not knowing what is going on, to appear personally at the bank. I mean, I have my own life and inherited money from another relative. Unfortunately I have no phone to ring her, and the bank is refusing to do that for me. Furthermore they have no connections to swiss banks. Obviously digitalization has not reached them either.

When asking people in this city to contact my mother, they are refusing it. So obviously they think, that the treatment I get is right.

I mean we are in the 21st century, there are thousands of financial products, wealth management tools, hundreds of institutions are developing new concepts every day, alternative business models like Blockchain are arising and they have nothing else to do than torturing their clients and members trusting them. So obviously there is a big need for those products.

I complained with their federal authority two days before christmas 2016 and got no response until today.

Now I know, that the “central german planning” is spying people for decades. They know everything, that happened in my life since at least 1997. This is done with physical methods. For the time before they use pathologic psychiatric theories. In our case me and my sister are victims of heavy child abuse. This is what they are conditioning with their tools and are forcing medication and social work. My mother starts crying if we tell her. So in our case the whole family is expropriated without the bank reacting. This is german wealth management.

If you inherit some money, the first thing you have to do, is to buy another citizenship, because there is a risk that they are killing you for their healthcare and social system. Unfortunately there is no chance to report them at least in Germany and Switzerland. They can do whatever they want. If I kill myself, the state gets all I have.

I hope the bank has no conflict of interests.

Healthcare and Economy

AdidasNot knowing exactly what is going on, I decided to contact global german companies to find out, how they feel about that people are persecuted internationally by rightwing german healthcare organizations with nanotechnologies to make them crazy.

Having read an article about the best managed companies in Harvard Business Manager I started with Adidas. Here the letter.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

habe heute in Harvard Business Manager erfahren, dass Ihr Unternehmen zu den am besten geführten in Deutschland gehört, und grossen Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit legt.

Mein Anliegen hört sich vielleicht etwas ungewöhnlich für Sie an. Ich suche ein deutsches Unternehmen, das mir helfen kann, da ich seit drei Jahren von rechtsradikalen deutschen Psychiatrien und Medien mit Methoden verfolgt werde, die ich nicht abstellen kann.

Ursächlich dafür waren nach meinem Verständnis mehrere Faktoren, die 2013 zu einer Veränderung meines Social Graphs auf Facebook geführt haben. Unter anderem meine weitergehende Auseinandersetzung mit Konsumentenverhalten, künstlicher Intelligenz und zahlreichen Reisetätigkeiten. Beobachtet wurde diese Entwicklung von der gesamten deutschen Mediaszene in der ich 15 Jahre in gehobenen Positionen gearbeitet habe und Politikern des gesamten Spektrums.

Zunächst wurde ich in meiner Wohnung beobachtet und mir der Verbleib dort aufgrund elektronischer Folter unmöglich gemacht. Daraufhin musste ich dreimal Deutschland verlassen. Zweimal bin ich zurückgekehrt. Vor meiner dritten Flucht habe ich fast mein gesamtes Bewusstsein verloren, und bin monatelang quer durch Europa geflüchtet. Eine Anzeigenerstellung war in diesem Zustand nicht möglich.

Ich befinde mich nun seit fast drei Jahren in der Schweiz, in der ich von deutschen Nanotechnologien 24 Stunden am Tag verrückt gemacht werden soll, und die ich nicht abstellen kann.

Selbst wenn ich obdachlos bettelnd vor dem Bahnhof sitze, meine Zähne verliere, in meinem Blog darüber berichte und dieses dann über soziale Medien distribuiere, interessiert das natürlich keine neuen Kontakte, die die Situation nicht einschätzen können und die alten fühlen sich nicht zuständig gegen diese Massnahmen vorzugehen, was sicherlich auf diverse politische Gründe zurückzuführen ist. Eine Auswertung der Daten liegt mir vor. Bitte beachten Sie die einzige Reaktion aus meinem Umfeld, die ich darauf erhalten habe, in diesem Blogkommentar.

Sie würden mir einen grossen Gefallen tun, wenn Sie diese Vorgänge recherchieren und kommunizieren könnten, da ich in eine enorme Angst vor Deutschland getrieben wurde, mir eine dritte Rückkehr unmöglich ist, mein gesamtes Vermögen dort auf Auflösung wartet und meine körperlich angeschlagene Familie sicherlich gerne eine Erklärung hätte.

Leider weigern sich sowohl meine Banken, meine ehemalige Krankenversicherung, die meinen Vertrag gekündigt hat, als auch soziale Institutionen in Deutschland mir zu helfen, also müsste der Kontakt über ein Unternehmen stattfinden.

Hier meine Blogs:

Ebenso habe ich meine Vita beigefügt. Leider verfüge ich über keinen einzigen Euro oder Franken hier, und befinde mich deshalb in Lebensgefahr. Meine sportlichen Aktivitäten musste ich aus diesem Grunde leider wieder einstellen.

Über eine schnelle Antwort würde ich mich freuen.

Danke und Gruss

Ulrich Weihler

Here the answer from adidas sustainability, that runners are killed in Germany. Chelsea I beg you, kick them out.

Sehr geehrter Herr Weihler,

vielen Dank für Ihre email vom 25. Oktober 2016, die wir mit großem Interesse gelesen haben.

Wie Sie sich sicherlich vorstellen können, erhalten wir täglich eine Vielzahl an Anfragen aller Art.

Nicht jeder dieser Bitten können wir nachkommen, da dies unsere Möglichkeiten bei Weitem übersteigen würde.

Wir hoffen sehr auf Ihr Verständnis, wünschen für die Zukunft alles Gute.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ihr Sustainability Team
Social & Environmental Affairs
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91074 Herzogenaurach | Germany
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