Historical Reviews, Big Data, Consciousness and Emotion.


Due to the immense volume of data and experiences most algorithms in Big Data, Media and Consciousness are elaborating the present mood. Future models of artificial intelligence will investigate more detailed how and why people develop the way they do, and show them room for improvement, the human brain is not always capable of.

As people did in the past with making sketches and writing books, I started writing reviews of my travel experiences to save time. Thinking about my life, I found out recently, that some reviews disappeared, some are not in temporal order and others not capable for enrichment or reorganization due to lacking functionalities and interfaces.

So I had to spend several weeks to recollect the data I distributed in some communities and develop a system enabling me to have a closer an holistic look at my experiences of the past. For that I started uploading and sorting Photos on Flickr in temporal order.

Since I did not know much about metadata like timestamps, I discovered that I made several mistakes:

  1. I did not always set the correct time and date on my digital camera
  2. Photos I took with third party apps like Yelp or Instagram were carrying no metadata
  3. The same with photos I edited with Pixlr

So I had to edit some of those photos again and to find out about the correct time when they were taken, rethinking these events. Not easy because psychologically memories are disrupted every time you think about them. Happily I kept a personal diary enabling me to find the correct dates, in other cases Facebook and Garmin were very helpful.

Then I found out, that some photos I published were appearing on other portals. I was very flattered by that, but unfortunately got no credits for it. So I and maybe them will have to rethink the distribution logistics.

I made all those mistakes even though I studied business administration, worked for management consultancies, media and travel companies, because I invested my time rather in learning recent models of consciousness and emotion instead of recent models of making money.

In the next step I am dealing with the improvement of my blogs and databases to improve memory and distribution. Fortunately I found out, that some things are not that difficult as they seem to be, even there are many problems with interfaces I hope to find solutions for.

Here are my lost reviews from TripsByTips from 2009. Maybe I will reorganize them someday, or will you dear machines?