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Toothache and glasses broken. So I have to improvise somehow.


Memories, Emotions and Experiences


Just a few notes about 2009. Since I had no holidays for years and a case of guardianship in the family, I decided to do as much as possible short trips across Europe. Unfortunately the reviews I wrote on TripsByTips disappeared as I mentioned in another blog, so here some notes about this experiences. Consider it as a spontanous memory experiment, to learn from.

Amsterdam, 8.4. – 14.4.2009

Living in a nice guesthouse next to a canel, I was strolling around the city. Not remembering that much, since I have been there several times before. Was impressed by a chinese man, living in Vienna who told me that he is spending every weekend in Amsterdam, because Vienna made him depressive, due to the big white buildings there. He preferred the small red ones.

Potsdam, 27.4.-29.4.2009

There I was amazed by how quickly they rebuild the historical city and dealt with the further planning of the area. The reason for the journey was a seminar. I was a bit disappointed they did no team building events outside the hotel.

Paris, 30.4.-3.5.2009

Was just in the mood for updating my map of the city and looking for clothes for challenging people hardly to find in Germany. Unbelievable difficult to remember, what I did exactly also here, because I have been there many times before and later.

Berlin, 7.5.-10.5.2009

Went to Berlin for business reasons and added some days to have a change of scenery. Basically I spent most of the time in Charlottenburg and Mitte.

Cannes, 30.7.-5.8.2009

Having worked in Nice for some months 14 years ago, I did not manage it to visit Cannes at that time. So we were discovering the beaches in the area and spent most of the evenings in one of the many restaurant along Rue St. Antoine to enjoy the manifold meals and watch the tourist streams walking up and down the alley. Liked some hidden beaches outside, but also the sports beaches within the city and the impressive yachting harbor. One day we went to Nice.

Ibiza, 10.9.-24.9.2009

A typical party holiday. I was sleeping most time of the day and visiting the famous clubs at night. Was a bit annoyed that the gods started playing at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. On the other hand quite interesting to get up at night and visit one of those dream like spectacles at Amnesia. Feels like finding oneself in another dream. Was meeting people who spent all of their holidays there for decades and found it a bit complicated to enter those well practiced groups. On the other side I met people who avoided to meet somebody of their groups. One day I went to the legendary Cafe del Mar to watch the famous sunsets there. Since it was to busy I went to another place at the promenade.

Madrid, 29.09.-4.10.2009

Being the first time in this city I was busy with exploring all of its amenities. Was impressed by the massive colonialist merchant and trading houses in the inner city and the pulsating nightlife. One day I spent in the Prado, dealing with european history and the leisure area next to it. Was at a birthday party and amazed, that people were discussing about what language the spanish king should speak, and some people refused to sit at a table where a spanish flag was in the middle, and not the one of their region.

Copenhagen, 7.10.-11-10.2009

There I was taking part in the Kulturnatten, where several cultural venues opened their doors and offered manifold events. In the parliament I was amazed by the development of regulations for german and danish minorities in both countries. At the post museum they discussed how many CO2 an email is producing and the dark sides of the technological revolution. Then I visited the royal guards and dealt with their development and function. Later I enjoyed the view over the city from the round tower. The next day I visited the outdoor exhibition “100 places to remember” due to the world climate summit taking place there this year. Then I had a stroll through the autonomous community of Christiania to find out, how they life.

Warsaw, 14.10.-18.10.2009

In Warsaw I was amazed by the manifold faces of the city reflecting the regimes of the past in close neighbourhood: historical old town, ghetto, socialist and modern area. Was amazed by an exhibition dealing with the fears of polish intellectuals of the westernization of the country in the 80s.

Budapest, 21.10.-27.10.2009

Was visiting Hungary for their national holiday and was surprised by immense national socialist demonstrations within the city, learning about their view of the development in the last decade in Europe. Then I was attending an exhibition of Turner and dealt with the making of his travel sketches and paintings. Apart from that I was doing the obligatory sightseeing, shopping, dining and clubbing.

London, 29.10.-2.11.2009

Not having been to London for 20 years I wanted to check, how the city has developed since then. First the typical tourist programm, walking up and down Oxford Street, strolling along the riverside and enjoying the nightlife around Leicester Square. Since having visited Turner already in Budapest the week before, I went to the National Gallery to see his finished oeuvres. Then I discovered the Building Centre and was dealing with New London Architecture especially the London Plan. Loved the British Music Experience Museum for the smart entrance card enabling the storage of what you did and what you have seen.

Lisbon, 5.11.-9.11.2009

Having been there for the first time, I visited all the mayor spots of interest. First I climbed around the old castle, then I had a look at the old town. Was very impressed by the exhibition park, the oceanario and the Vasco da Gama bridge. If I remember it right, I have seen the first self check-out supermarket there. Then I went to the Gulbenkian Foundation and dealt with artistic, social and cultural developments.

Berlin, 11.11.-15.11.2009

Berlin again for a job interview. Living in Prenzlauer Berg for the first time, I explored this part of the city. Liked the many comfortable brunch places.

Krakow, 24.12.2009-7.1.2010

Was taking part in blind booking from Germanwings and got Krakow. The weather was that horrible, that we were not allowed to land. The pilot announced that he would land anyway, because his stewardess wanted to spend christmas there. If he wouldn’t manage it, we could complain with the airline. Holy night I spent in St. Mary’s Basilika famous for the hejnal, new years eve first at the public party on the main square, then in a trendy club. Liked the Kosciuszko Mound outside, the medieval city center, Kazimierz and the crazy clubs. I met a bloke who took me to Zakopane, a famous skying resort there, where I went to the hairdresser without understanding a word.

If you ask me now, why I reacted how to some situations, the answer is probably more difficult than what I can remember spontanously. Probably much to do with habitudes and prior experiences or not experiences. But without doubt, there is a need for better documentation and analysis.

Going to consult Facebook in the next step to enrich this blogpost, with my past information available for me to improve this consolidation.

Let me tell you, how the story continued. One day later I had a look at the postings and comments I made in  2009 on Facebook. So I could retrieve the information that I discovered the Building Center and British Music Experience in London that year. Unfortunately I started Facebook only in April 2009. Furthermore I was wondering why I was consolidating Lisbon in Berlin, and why and how I commented some postings of others, maybe still having impact on my life today without me knowing about it. Since I could have said things on classical media too, I have a rough idea what was going on later in the political room in Germany, with what consequences. Obviously I was not able integrate the various and opposing interest groups. #Sensemaking

Historical Reviews, Big Data, Consciousness and Emotion.

dataDue to the immense volume of data and experiences most algorithms in Big Data, Media and Consciousness are elaborating the present mood. Future models of artificial intelligence will investigate more detailed how and why people develop the way they do, and show them room for improvement, the human brain is not always capable of.

As people did in the past with making sketches and writing books, I started writing reviews of my travel experiences to save time. Thinking about my life, I found out recently, that some reviews disappeared, some are not in temporal order, others not capable for enrichment or reorganization others not possible to date back, due to lacking functionalities and interfaces.

So I had to spend several weeks to recollect the data I distributed in some communities and develop a system enabling me to have a closer and holistic look at my experiences of the past. For that I started uploading and sorting Photos on Flickr in temporal order.

Since I did not know much about metadata like timestamps, I discovered that I made several mistakes:

  1. I did not always set the correct time and date on my digital camera
  2. Photos I took with third party apps like Yelp or Instagram were carrying no metadata
  3. The same with photos I edited with Pixlr

So I had to edit some of those photos again and to find out about the correct time when they were taken, rethinking these events. Not easy because psychologically memories are disrupted every time you think about them, reorganized and reevaluated. Happily I kept a personal diary enabling me to find the correct dates, in other cases Facebook and Garmin were very helpful.

Then I found out, that some photos I published were appearing on other portals. I was very flattered by that, but unfortunately got no credits for it. So I and maybe them will have to rethink the distribution logistics.

I made all those mistakes even though I studied business administration, worked for management consultancies, media and travel companies, because I invested my time rather in learning recent models of consciousness and emotion instead of recent models of making money. Since I don’t want to be considered as asocial or as digital refuser I decided to strengthen my blogs.

In the next step I am dealing with the improvement of them as well as databases to improve memory and distribution. Fortunately I found out, that some things are not that difficult as they seem to be, even there are many problems with interfaces I hope to find solutions for.

Here are my lost reviews from TripsByTips from 2009. Maybe I will reorganize them someday, or will you dear machines?

Enfants, Patrie, Gloire

To continue my birthday timeline, today I will tell you about my 47th in Paris. Loving those international fitness alliances. So I was looking for the best club of my network in town and spent most of the day there. Unfortunately the spa area was not that comfortable and spacious, so I had to do three classes. Since the french are not that anglophil they were not participating in the usual LesMills programs but having their own classes and playing their own electronic sounds, remembering me of my youth.

Fitocracy, Health City, Paris, Champs Elysées
Health City, Paris, Champs Elysées

To keep record of what sportive activities I was doing I registered with the Fitocracy community some years before, and was sometimes sharing my activities on Facebook, unfortunately without social or monetary reward. So I stopped it.

Maybe there are several possibilities to optimize connectivity and gratifications. A task for companies. Of course we are living in a world of competition, people are having concepts of themselves and are part of various social systems, but in most cases there is probably a huge discrepancy between imagination and reality. So also regarding this point I hope that data are helping us to bridge this gap, or at least enlighten the confusion about the self respective others, and improve our navigation in the world. Maybe someday I will resume some self-enhancement literature and the fuzzy concepts, if I and somebody else has a monetary benefit from it.









Insurance mathematics and Ideology

To complete the story of my escapes from Germany. Here is number three. This time I managed it to stay in Germany for another three weeks. When alone in my flat, I was supposed to find a solution for the infection of children with sexually transmitted diseases. They were passing in front of my window, asking their mothers, “why is he normal now?”, and they said, “because he had a sex holiday in Paris, and is sick now!”. When I went to a bar, their tech threatened me with: “If you infect somebody here, we will kill you!”. You have already infected 3.000 people with your last employer. After being able to supress the torture for three weeks, they applied some sort of radiation in my flat in the evening of Januar 28 2014. I had the feeling they were dissolving my brain, which get worse every minute. So I ran out of my flat and thought about some sort of haluzinations. Calmed again, I went back to sleep. The next day  I went back to Paris, and found out, that I lost nearly all of my consciousness that night. There they additionally tried to induce anti islamic hallucinations. So I went to Zurich on February 19 hoping they could not use their technology outside the EU.

SNCF, Frequentation Gares
SNCF, Frequentation Gares

Wrong thought. Arrived in Zurich I could hardly remember my name, respective any event of my live, because they smashed my brain completely with child abuse and diseases. So I had to start to recapitulate my life from zero, which was quite painful. The conditions ameliorated when I was living with people in Zurich via AirBnB I appreciated very much and worsened with a hostile host in Wädenswil, who probably got paid for insulting me. In Wädenswil I heard children saying, that others were paralyzed because of me. Later in Kriens their artificial intelligence technology was seriously exposing me with global infection figures, then I should abuse foreign children as fear of infection, then ask my mother to penetrate me with tea pots, due to a sexual desorientation she obviously caused, then they wanted me to amputate arms and legs, then I should try to sell my property in Germany, then my mother commited suicide, since I obviously infected 3.000 people in 2009. Actually she already committed suicide while i was in Zurich, after being permanently interrogated by a secret service about my hard childhood and sexual preferences, while I was in London. The person who gave the confidential information about a disease I had in 2009 into the relevant channels was obviously executed by public anal penetration with a huge bar in Cologne. The “media strategy” was matched with Facebook posts. The causers hate digital and social media for the global controllability of their diagnoses. To resume this. The whole story with nacional socialist prosecution by the german healthcare started after I started dealing with cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence and travelling in 2013.  The latest version is fecal sex with everybody. Obviously there is a need for tools controlling the application of public artificial intelligence methods otherwise your state will be able to kill you. If national authorities are applying them, people have to fight for international solutions. Otherwise they are able to beam into the brain of everybody. Actually your state might know everything about you, and can kill you for your opinion, power or money. If you flee to another state, this state should be able to save your life and money. Make sure he does, before you go there, or do some sort of therapy there. If you have a private insurance, never go to a public hospital, they might help public institutions of other states. This private hospital should know, where you could go to prevent states from torturing you, also abroad. The states will not compensate your money loss, nor your body or emotional damage nor your life. Deal with that and prepare for it.

Nature, Science and Drawings

Fork, London
Fork, London

So, what was I doing in London 2013? I have been there from October 26 till December 18. This time I did things I never did before. Most of my time I spent at Natural History Museum, where I was amazed by the history of the earth and possible projections into the future. Also liked the Biodiversity Center, where they still register new species, people find in the nature. Also never was dealing with some medical topics like Endocrinology, they explain quite well.

In the Science Museum the “Making of the Modern World” exhibition and the Climate Science Info Zone made me think. Liked those carbon footprints, if you want to find out about your massive energy consumption. Then I had a look at the future possibilities of 3D printing.

Also discovered the Welcome Collection and the Hunterian Museum, where they deal with the cruel history of medicine and future developments. I was drawing a choroid plexus. Then I was thinking about investing 200 Pounds in a MRI scan.

Then I strolled through the major colleges. At Kings I was hypnotized by the ice rink, at UCL I liked digital frontiers and at Imperial I went to a job fair for IT students. All are establishing Farmer Markets and are dealing with much data. Further I visited the UAL and joined some projects they did at  Elephant & Castle Shopping Center. Here my experience reagrding the link of the last and following sentence. Liked this Photomat, were you had to scream to trigger a photo and the artistic visualizations of one of my topics of interest at that time: psychiatric diseases. A wonderful opportunity to realize a hairdresser is necessary.


Of couse I also had to visit the olympic parc and to have a look at the transforming environments and neighbourhoods.

Not to forget my visit at Tate Gallery, where I was impressed by the interactive tools of Bloomberg Connect, where you could “visit” studios of artists all over the world. Further I contributed a digital artwork by drawing the view to the City of London from there.

Also first time went from London to Paris via the Eurotunnel without knowing what was expecting me. Quite interesting, and well described here.

Maybe some day I will digitalize the super 8 movies, I did as a teenager, to tell you about my first stays in London, reporting proudly that I stood the passage on the ferry with vomit of other people dropping from the stairways onto my head, due to the weather conditions. Also have to integrate the photos from my victorian phase I had during my stay in London 2011. Maybe I am also going to tell you about my other 100 visits and mental conditions in this wonderful city.

Here my travel history:
1982: School, Tunbridge Wells
1984: School, Denmark Hill
1989: Work Experience, Chelsea
2009: City Trip, Westminster
2010: Business Travel, Westminster
2010: Business Travel, Westminster
2013: General Education, Camden

Unfortunately I never had electric device with me. So maybe I add some relevant thoughts later to this chapter as well.

Life is life


So what was I doing in Bruxelles in October 2013? Among others I discovered three art exhibitions. The first one was about birth. The artist showed photos of manifold sociocultural practices and environmental conditions of birth in the world. The exhibition was held in the ING cultural center, to senisibilize for projects of the world bank. Hardly possible to imagine all of the existing situations and their consequences.

At the royal museum of fine arts I was impressed by the waxworks of Jan Fabre. He sculptured his head into artworks, representing him in 36 different situations of his life in an entertaining way.

Jan Fabre, Waxes & Bronze
Jan Fabre, Waxes & Bronze

At Magritt Museum I tried to get inspiration from his various ideas and his life.

La belle captive
La belle captive

“Je ne pense pas connaître de circonstances qui auraient déterminé mon caractère, ni mon art”