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Running Heatmap
Running Heatmap

End of July, I was found by the police while sleeping in the streets. Then I was arrested, since I could not pay the fine of 100 Franks for begging.

Despite the unpleasant situation, the procedure was friendly. They asked me about the industry causing the psychiatric tortures and took me to prison. This time I did not protest against the handcuffs in the back and the transport in the cage, without window.

The next day I was brought to the immigration, who gave me a train ticket, and asked me to leave the country within the next 24 hours.

In the last weeks I learned, that you are a robot for your state, which is planning and forcibly conditioning you for industry branches, to increase their benefit. If you intend to do something else, they cause a psychiatric medical knockout until death how they like it, even without you having secret information, a treaty and you are financially independent. I am forbidden to travel, work or deal with investment. I was knocked out 2013 for my last employer 2009, without me having a chance to do something against them. When I get job offers they block my brain, with their tools.

It is not the fault of my social graph, as I thought before, since they are arranging job offers I have to refuse. It is the governments doing that for national industry branches. Another problem is, that my family is obviously not able to judge the situation. I am forcibly conditioned against them and they against me, for an industry. For that an institution would have had to feel responsible for me and the further development of the whole family inclusive all possessions, according to a reasonable policy. Obviously they are arguing with social security law. Wrote hundreds of mails to hundreds of institutions, with no response, because they don’t know about the practices, or don’t care. Also wondering about neutral due diligence, observing, what is going on when I am on the road. So I have to go on with the german government following, torturing me and expropriating the possessions of generations independently where I live. For now I am tolerated in Switzerland, but have lost three teeth in one year, all my sporting medals, scripts of what I have learned, audiotapes from my childhood and a single cent. Now my fourth tooth is aching. Guess, what I miss most? Those crazy audiotapes. Should have digitalized them. And you know what? Germany embassy knowing what is going on is sponsoring the Marathon of the City where they tortured me, forced me to beg and sleep in the streets. Obviously people should run for Germany, whatever this is. It is about my property. So the swiss authorities have to decide if they forcibly hand me over to the german police, to arrest me for illegal presence, or do whatever. Fortunately I found other private sponsors, unfortunately unable to stop the psycho terror.

Also my bank, where I have an account since I am five years old, and I am a member, could have saved everything by helping or  mediating. Instead they refuse to talk to me and are auctioning my property in Germany. Mind your bank, they can save your life. The consequence is, that the left property of the family is getting their region. That is how Volksbank Stuttgart and the region of Stuttgart are cooperating.

Check, what the political healthcare did with my sister. In doubt it is the last christmas all three surviving people of my family are alive, since Germany is increasing the tortures. Unfortunately I don’t get asylum somewhere, since german and swiss healthcare is arguing with deadlines for damages they are causing. If they blow my mind in my flat three times, send me out of the country, I flee to another country, the country is refusing to stop them, there is something wrong. Obviously it is about the right of the mental healthcare to kill people for political reasons.

Sorry for the confusing history, but obviously the most important thing for you is to deal with is international law and jurisdiction, to know what is going on.

If you are travelling somewhere, or plan to do so, it is of greatest importance to check, if the countries your are going are defending your development, life and property in case against your home nation otherwise you are dead. Since they are obviously not allowed to, the most important investment is in your citizenship. If you buy other things first, you might loose them. Unfortunately they did not tell us in Economics at University.

Information is the new gold standard!



Shootings, Traffic and the Prison

Sometimes not that easy to describe what is going on. Today I ‘m going to tell you about my experiences in prison. The fist one was 25 years ago in Bocholt, where I had to sleep in a drying-out-cell without any equipment. I kept on knocking against a shop window after the local shooting match, where they picked me up. Last year I was crossing the street at red in Lucerne, then I was caught riding the bus without paying, because my german banks refuse speaking with me while I am in Switzerland. The fines were not that high, but unfortunately I couldn’t pay them. Due to continued lack of money I also could not react to the monetary reminders, which were sent to my former flat. When I got into a police control in the street I was arrested for that reason. Of course the public prosecution department knew about my situation, being tortured by the german healthcare for years in order to be reintegrated in the german media business without any monetary or economic reason, but probably they wanted to end this procedure, unfortunately with now result. I do not understand why they did not accuse my german banks and bring me into safety. I mean, I could have got an heart attack.

The fist night was in a cell at Stadtpolizei Luzern. First I got a strip search, then I was brought to a small cabin with basin and toilet, but without window. The breakfast was rather plain. The next day they brought me with the prison van to the Justizvollzugsanstalt. Since I panicked when they wanted to handcuff me with hands in the back, they were so friendly to handcuff me with hands in the front. The cabin in the van was tiny, but luckily it was just a ten minutes ride. Arrived there I was impressed by the arts in the check in lobby showing names of celebrities like Eduard Zimmermann. Then I was brought to a cell with three other people. There were two bunk beds on each wall and a television set in the front. The doors to the corridor with four other cells and a bathroom where open most time. There were three meals a day. In the afternoon we could spent an hour at a central court to socialize and play table tennis. The other inmates were from all over the world but also from Switzerland. So we were talking about shared experiences. Some had strange accidents. Most time of the day we were watching television and asking us, what they wanted to tell us. When I was annoyed, I was just imagining to be in a chalet somewhere. From the interior there were slight similarities. For my dismissal I got a new backpack. I liked the sporting brand from the institute. Unfortunately not available online.

From the monetary aspect I had to be there for 100 Franks and the costs per day are 400 Franks per person, obviously due to psychological reasons.

Eingangsbereich Grosshof
Eingangsbereich Grosshof
Zelle Grosshof
Zelle Grosshof
Spazierhof Grosshof
Spazierhof Grosshof




Bounded Reality, Finance and Agents

Horw from Himmelrich
Horw from Himmelrich

For the manifold data systems and algorithms of the world here my experience from living in Horw.

Horw is a nice small town located at the south of Lucerne situated at the lake and foot of Mount Pilatus. Fortunately I found a person who let me a room in a wonderful old wooden house next to a swimming place and close to the mountain.

Fortunately my “embodied german control system” was stopping to bother me with childhood abuse, violence, bars, circles, colors and nationalities, but gave me the next projects. I was supposed to sell my property in Cologne without contacting german institutions and to write letters of application. In order to make it not too easy, it was disrupting me the whole day with a distorted analysis of my activities. So I gave my best to ignore it.

I called a few swiss wealth management companies and was asking them, weather they could deal with my property in Germany, unfortunately they couldn’t. Then I went to the local branches of UBS and Credit Suisse in Lucerne. UBS asked me to go the Germany Desk in Zurich, Credit Suisse obviously does not deal with real estate at all. Unfortunately I could not afford a trip to Zurich.

Then I asked two of my german banks, how they think about the situation and the activities of  my “controlling system”. The first did not react, the second asked me to consult my mother. A bit difficult, since she started crying and hang up the last time I called her, because she did not understand what they are doing with me for four years now.

The project with the applications was a bit difficult, since I spent most time of  the day in the streets asking for people for food. Additionally I restarted my running activities, I had to disrupt due to my homelessness before. To improve my education I often went to the technical university and dealt with some projects of them. Much about digitalization, data and living in future. Without doubt highly controversial projects.

I had to leave Horw after four months, because I was not able to solve the financial problem, despite I was able to survive. That is also why I was never registered there. Wondering what people think, who don’t know the details of the situation.



Healthcare and Economy

AdidasNot knowing exactly what is going on, I decided to contact global german companies to find out, how they feel about that people are persecuted internationally by rightwing german healthcare organizations with nanotechnologies to make them crazy.

Having read an article about the best managed companies in Harvard Business Manager I started with Adidas. Here the letter.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

habe heute in Harvard Business Manager erfahren, dass Ihr Unternehmen zu den am besten geführten in Deutschland gehört, und grossen Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit legt.

Mein Anliegen hört sich vielleicht etwas ungewöhnlich für Sie an. Ich suche ein deutsches Unternehmen, das mir helfen kann, da ich seit drei Jahren von rechtsradikalen deutschen Psychiatrien und Medien mit Methoden verfolgt werde, die ich nicht abstellen kann.

Ursächlich dafür waren nach meinem Verständnis mehrere Faktoren, die 2013 zu einer Veränderung meines Social Graphs auf Facebook geführt haben. Unter anderem meine weitergehende Auseinandersetzung mit Konsumentenverhalten, künstlicher Intelligenz und zahlreichen Reisetätigkeiten. Beobachtet wurde diese Entwicklung von der gesamten deutschen Mediaszene in der ich 15 Jahre in gehobenen Positionen gearbeitet habe und Politikern des gesamten Spektrums.

Zunächst wurde ich in meiner Wohnung beobachtet und mir der Verbleib dort aufgrund elektronischer Folter unmöglich gemacht. Daraufhin musste ich dreimal Deutschland verlassen. Zweimal bin ich zurückgekehrt. Vor meiner dritten Flucht habe ich fast mein gesamtes Bewusstsein verloren, und bin monatelang quer durch Europa geflüchtet. Eine Anzeigenerstellung war in diesem Zustand nicht möglich.

Ich befinde mich nun seit fast drei Jahren in der Schweiz, in der ich von deutschen Nanotechnologien 24 Stunden am Tag verrückt gemacht werden soll, und die ich nicht abstellen kann.

Selbst wenn ich obdachlos bettelnd vor dem Bahnhof sitze, meine Zähne verliere, in meinem Blog darüber berichte und dieses dann über soziale Medien distribuiere, interessiert das natürlich keine neuen Kontakte, die die Situation nicht einschätzen können und die alten fühlen sich nicht zuständig gegen diese Massnahmen vorzugehen, was sicherlich auf diverse politische Gründe zurückzuführen ist. Eine Auswertung der Daten liegt mir vor. Bitte beachten Sie die einzige Reaktion aus meinem Umfeld, die ich darauf erhalten habe, in diesem Blogkommentar.

Sie würden mir einen grossen Gefallen tun, wenn Sie diese Vorgänge recherchieren und kommunizieren könnten, da ich in eine enorme Angst vor Deutschland getrieben wurde, mir eine dritte Rückkehr unmöglich ist, mein gesamtes Vermögen dort auf Auflösung wartet und meine körperlich angeschlagene Familie sicherlich gerne eine Erklärung hätte.

Leider weigern sich sowohl meine Banken, meine ehemalige Krankenversicherung, die meinen Vertrag gekündigt hat, als auch soziale Institutionen in Deutschland mir zu helfen, also müsste der Kontakt über ein Unternehmen stattfinden.

Hier meine Blogs:

Ebenso habe ich meine Vita beigefügt. Leider verfüge ich über keinen einzigen Euro oder Franken hier, und befinde mich deshalb in Lebensgefahr. Meine sportlichen Aktivitäten musste ich aus diesem Grunde leider wieder einstellen.

Über eine schnelle Antwort würde ich mich freuen.

Danke und Gruss

Ulrich Weihler

Here the answer from adidas sustainability, that runners are killed in Germany. Chelsea I beg you, kick them out.

Sehr geehrter Herr Weihler,

vielen Dank für Ihre email vom 25. Oktober 2016, die wir mit großem Interesse gelesen haben.

Wie Sie sich sicherlich vorstellen können, erhalten wir täglich eine Vielzahl an Anfragen aller Art.

Nicht jeder dieser Bitten können wir nachkommen, da dies unsere Möglichkeiten bei Weitem übersteigen würde.

Wir hoffen sehr auf Ihr Verständnis, wünschen für die Zukunft alles Gute.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ihr Sustainability Team
Social & Environmental Affairs
adidas AG | World of Sports | Adi-Dassler-Str. 1
91074 Herzogenaurach | Germany
e-mail address:

Ways, Ways, Ways

Strava Multiple Ride Mapper, Jonathan O'Keeffe, 19.02.2014-30.04.2016
Strava Multiple Ride Mapper, Jonathan O’Keeffe

After nearly five years of running I decided to have a closer look at the analysis, visualization and presentation possibilities of my runs. Till then I stored my data in several isolated solutions. It took me several weeks to discover Strava for the improved analysis and the multiple ride mapper from Jonathan O’Keeffe for the visualization. I managed it easily to integrate the corresponding RSS feed into my blogs. Probably my fault not to care enough about this points, thinking Garmin and Runkeeper are good enough.

First I was disappointed that the internet or marketing departments didn’t suggest me an improvement of my tools, but am finally happy that I was able to integrate my whole running history. Loving it how those maps are generated fast forward, and to think about, why I ran which route, how I explored the environment, what I was thinking about and how I think about it now. Consequently I was delighted by the thought, that the machines are able to make sense of my history, even it was not possible for me at the time it occured, and that in realtime. Additionally I am able to strengthen some routes, connecting them or discover new ones.

Thinking about the further amelioration of the presentation, I am still facing some problems, due to my lacking skills in programming, conceptional and economical questions. Furthermore I am going to strengthen WordPress as primary content management system, add further optimization tools and to improve my tracking respectively recording skills in order to get hints for further improvement.

Enfants, Patrie, Gloire

To continue my birthday timeline, today I will tell you about my 47th in Paris. Loving those international fitness alliances. So I was looking for the best club of my network in town and spent most of the day there. Unfortunately the spa area was not that comfortable and spacious, so I had to do three classes. Since the french are not that anglophil they were not participating in the usual LesMills programs but having their own classes and playing their own electronic sounds, remembering me of my youth.

Fitocracy, Health City, Paris, Champs Elysées
Health City, Paris, Champs Elysées

To keep record of what sportive activities I was doing I registered with the Fitocracy community some years before, and was sometimes sharing my activities on Facebook, unfortunately without social or monetary reward. So I stopped it.

Maybe there are several possibilities to optimize connectivity and gratifications. A task for companies. Of course we are living in a world of competition, people are having concepts of themselves and are part of various social systems, but in most cases there is probably a huge discrepancy between imagination and reality. So also regarding this point I hope that data are helping us to bridge this gap, or at least enlighten the confusion about the self respective others, and improve our navigation in the world. Maybe someday I will resume some self-enhancement literature and the fuzzy concepts, if I and somebody else has a monetary benefit from it.









Tourism, Medicine and Technology

Let me tell you, how my journey to Eastern Europe went on. In Warsaw I decided to visit Poznan on my way to Berlin. Why Poznan? Just because I liked the name. In sports “pose” is a running method. In marketing Posner  is a psychologist famous for his models for attention. Probably the most difficult topic in Cognitive Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

Arrived in Poznan I first found out, that they are building a new train station, later I found out that the whole city is undergoing an impressive change, ameliorating the postwar and socialist conditions. I was living in an old town hostel next to the university of business and a wonderful shopping center, awarded as the best of the world. Being the only one guest I did not know how to evaluate the depressed situation there. Some days later I found out, that the owner, a mountain climber, was killed a few days before my arrival. Then I was learning about their adventurous projects. Liked the military extreme runs, some of them were participating in.

Here my running activities in Poznan. Loving those multiple ride trackers to help me remember what I have seen and done, to integrate all experiences and to make conclusions. Unfortunately I lost my camera, but found it again later in Berlin.
Strava, Activities, Poznan

Remarkable that nearly a fifth of the inhabitants of the city are students. And somehow I walked in one of the several university campuses nearly every day. In economics I dealt a bit with market segmentation in tourism. In medicine with brain anatomy, to get hints about how we make decisions, in technology I with the creation of coworking spaces. All together a wonderful mixture to combine with Posners and other attention models in a young and vivid ambience.

Was loving the lake of malta with its scenery and manifold sporting venues. In the swimming pool I was a bit irritated because they change the lengths of the basin at some days and times. But there is a timetable with the relevant information.

An extraordinary experience was the multisensual and virtual reality like xd cinema in Galeria MM obviously not existing anymore.

And a new pope was elected when I was in the city. I spend the evening in a cafe, watching the procedure. Unbelievable hard to remember all the restaurants and cafes I have been to in this city three years later. So I have to improve my memory and recordings.