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Running Heatmap
Running Heatmap

End of July, I was found by the police while sleeping in the streets. Then I was arrested, since I could not pay the fine of 100 Franks for begging.

Despite the unpleasant situation, the procedure was friendly. They asked me about the industry causing the psychiatric tortures and took me to prison. This time I did not protest against the handcuffs in the back and the transport in the cage, without window.

The next day I was brought to the immigration, who gave me a train ticket, and asked me to leave the country within the next 24 hours.

In the last weeks I learned, that you are a robot for your state, which is planning and forcibly conditioning you for industry branches, to increase their benefit. If you intend to do something else, they cause a psychiatric medical knockout until death how they like it, even without you having secret information, a treaty and you are financially independent. I am forbidden to travel, work or deal with investment. I was knocked out 2013 for my last employer 2009, without me having a chance to do something against them. When I get job offers they block my brain, with their tools.

It is not the fault of my social graph, as I thought before, since they are arranging job offers I have to refuse. It is the governments doing that for national industry branches. Another problem is, that my family is obviously not able to judge the situation. I am forcibly conditioned against them and they against me, for an industry. For that an institution would have had to feel responsible for me and the further development of the whole family inclusive all possessions, according to a reasonable policy. Obviously they are arguing with social security law. Wrote hundreds of mails to hundreds of institutions, with no response, because they don’t know about the practices, or don’t care. Also wondering about neutral due diligence, observing, what is going on when I am on the road. So I have to go on with the german government following, torturing me and expropriating the possessions of generations independently where I live. For now I am tolerated in Switzerland, but have lost three teeth in one year, all my sporting medals, scripts of what I have learned, audiotapes from my childhood and a single cent. Now my fourth tooth is aching. Guess, what I miss most? Those crazy audiotapes. Should have digitalized them. And you know what? Germany embassy knowing what is going on is sponsoring the Marathon of the City where they tortured me, forced me to beg and sleep in the streets. Obviously people should run for Germany, whatever this is. It is about my property. So the swiss authorities have to decide if they forcibly hand me over to the german police, to arrest me for illegal presence, or do whatever. Fortunately I found other private sponsors, unfortunately unable to stop the psycho terror.

Also my bank, where I have an account since I am five years old, and I am a member, could have saved everything by helping or  mediating. Instead they refuse to talk to me and are auctioning my property in Germany. Mind your bank, they can save your life. The consequence is, that the left property of the family is getting their region. That is how Volksbank Stuttgart and the region of Stuttgart are cooperating.

Check, what the political healthcare did with my sister. In doubt it is the last christmas all three surviving people of my family are alive, since Germany is increasing the tortures. Unfortunately I don’t get asylum somewhere, since german and swiss healthcare is arguing with deadlines for damages they are causing. If they blow my mind in my flat three times, send me out of the country, I flee to another country, the country is refusing to stop them, there is something wrong. Obviously it is about the right of the mental healthcare to kill people for political reasons.

Sorry for the confusing history, but obviously the most important thing for you is to deal with is international law and jurisdiction, to know what is going on.

If you are travelling somewhere, or plan to do so, it is of greatest importance to check, if the countries your are going are defending your development, life and property in case against your home nation otherwise you are dead. Since they are obviously not allowed to, the most important investment is in your citizenship. If you buy other things first, you might loose them. Unfortunately they did not tell us in Economics at University.

Information is the new gold standard!



You are Switzerland


Today I am telling you, how the story went on.  Germany keeps on torturing me all day long with mental high tech, obviously due to my digital presence in the digital age. Since I am german, they have the right to do whatever they want with me, due to a construct called personal sovereignty. For some reasons of public and civil law, some countries can spy you for decades, knock you out, and put you under control of who ever, without you knowing it. Compare the international legislation. Obviously the media industry branch I was working for seven years ago, has the right to decide about my life and the real estate of my whole family, what they call area highness. My bank is refusing to speak with me, and is asking me to contact my 82 year old mother, who does not know what is happening and has no electronic devices. There is no legal base for that. So my bank is probably the major player in this game putting me in life danger and crippling me.

From July to November 2016 I was living with a german guy in Horw. Unfortunately I could not give him money. So I had to leave. The income from begging in the streets was not enough. Happily I found a vietnamese bloke in Lucerne who shared his room with me from November 2016 . For that he asked me to sell tooth brushes in the streets for him. Unfortunately nobody wanted one. But I still managed to get food and money for a bit spare time activities from begging. In November I went to the mental healthcare at Kantonsspital who was not able to help me. In December 2016 I went to the police to ask about the report I made in Mai about the tortures from Germany. When living and registered in Kriens before that, from August 2015 to February 2016, I was unable to go to the police because the tortures were that strong, that it was not possible, although I was registered there. They are able to switch my brain on and off how they like it, stick me whatever where ever and even induce pain. In churches they are able to induce orgasms and do other funny games against my will. Would be interesting to see those people and ask Mr. Thiam how much that is in money. I was not even able to go out in Lucerne the first month. The police sent me to the Immigration in December 2016, who asked me to leave the country. Unfortunately a bit difficult without any money and no clue where to go to. Alternatively I could ask for asylum, with a low chance to get it. Swiss Caritas would have details and give me money to drive to Zurich for that. Unfortunately Swiss Caritas had no idea how to help me as already the German Caritas. Since I did not know where to go and had no money, the vietnamese offered me to hide me in a boards crate in his cellar. I stayed there four months over the winter until the police arrested me and put me into prison. Unfortunately the canton was not able to solve the problem although he knew about my situation. When I got out, I found a container in a building site to hide me. Some days later security catched me there. Then I found another place to hide. So I am hanging around at the station for nearly one year now. Needless to say, that I am a bit tired of all those attacks. Since I had no money to take my things out of the locker in the train station, SBB cleared it and brought it to somewhere in Berne. So I have just the clothes I am wearing left. When the police controlled me two weeks ago, they asked me to flee to Italy. Unfortunately Germany is conditioning me also against the whole European Union. I was tortured also in Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK in 2013.

The reason behind it all. Some national states are controlling people with embodied hightech for decades. Responsible is the regional mental healthcare in Cologne. I was working for conservative german media, who dismissed me 8 years ago due to a stressful situation in my family. So I was dealing with other projects like artificial intelligence. When I started to argue against their ideology, they took my consciousness, sent me abroad and started torturing me. It is legal, that, they torture you in Switzerland, for four years even if you are registered there, only due to the german citizenship. Maybe the canton is a relevant size in legislation as well. Don’t know (yet) about other countries in the world. I did not know about that, otherwise I would have never worked for a german media company. Choose your employer carefully, and rather refuse a job, if you don’t agree with their policy. They are able to kill you, no matter what degree you have, in what personal situation you are or how much money you have.

Make sure you are connected to a legal artificial intelligence network that is not working against you and your property. Some states give citizenships away for free, some are taking money, others have strict regulations for citizenships. Choose your bank accordingly to help you with hints. My community bank is working against me, the whole family and for german media. Obviously they have to obey the central german planning. Hopefully the digital networks of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, their assistants and other private companies are soon able to find solutions for you. They have blacklists, and know what is happening, where. Hopefully they are soon able to help.

Competition, Cooperation and Regulation


So today I survived my father. He was 50 years and 118 days old when he died. A few thoughts about our economic situation before and what happened next.

The state changed the laws and prohibited us to bake bread in our old bakery. The ceilings were to low and the fire protection was not good enough. So my parents had to tear down and old storing house next to our main house in order to build a new house for the bakery. They planned a new bakery and stores in the cellar with all required technical conveniences, office and a flat above it.

Unfortunately my father died during the building process. Then the state wanted my mother to engage a senior baker to continue the bakery. We already had two bakers, three shop assistants, a housekeeper and the new house was build with a loan. Additionally she survived cancer and some other relatives died shortly before.

So she did not know what to do. Obviously the other members of the bakers guild already had  renovated  their property and were not able to help her. She went to the city, and was told that a new supermarket chain called Aldi was looking for shops and stores in city centers. Of course the town wanted to strengthen its market position in the region. We were lucky, Aldi finished the house building and offered her a long term rental contract. The former bakery was rented to a butcher, who wanted to open a branch in the city. Of course the bakers guild was not that happy with this development, since the prices of Aldi were much lower than theirs.

Twenty years later Aldi moved away from the city centers and opened shops in the outskirts. Then the venue was rented to a woman who opened a fashion studio. Unfortunately she was not able to survive. Then the age of low price hair dressers was dawning. So she rented the shop to a budget hair dresser. You can imagine that the traditional hairdressers were not that amused, but again they did not give her money.  Instead they did joint advertising campaigns against the disturber, but of course he survived, as my mother did.

Can you imagine that in my oral exam in economics I was asked about competition law in the case of bakeries and I did not even understand the questions. Since I wrote the best written exam in national accounting the professor was so nice to give me a good mark anyway. Have look at this.






The climate


Having dealt a lot with morals and strategy, I was very impressed by the headline of 20 Minuten yesterday. 70 per cent of the swiss population wants to have transparency about the earnings of their colleges. The figures are similar in Germany. Of course most people feel underpaid and are looking for reasons to get paid better. Probably not easy to judge fairly how much everybody deserves, since required education levels, experiences, skills and personality are different. There is lots of literature about that and probably online data like knowledge graphssocial graphs and cloud data will provide further justifications. New Artificial Intelligence Tools will add more possibilities to make sense of the world. But at the end employers can do whatever they want. They don’t have to hire people with certain skills or achievements. They can hire them for whatever reasons.

From my personal experience colleges are often looking for moral reasons to protect their self. This person is lazy, this person is flattering the boss, this one has personal problems, this one is pushy, this is timid, this one has a child and wants better treatment for that, and so on. In my life there were three experiences making me smile today. First a bored housewife, working as a secretary pushed her breasts against my back every day and wanted to have a “sex on the beach” with me. I wasn’t bothering but a college indicated her and she was dismissed. Some years later another college sat onto my table several times a week, was crossing her legs from one direction to the other, and wanted me to appreciate her shape. When I once asked her about the tissue of her slip, I was seeing through her clothes, she was indicating me. As a consequence she was dismissed. In the third case a college refused to speak to me and to correct wrong spellings in her presentations. I nearly got a heart attack and was dismissed.

Later I had to learn, that some institutions obviously have the right to spy and condition you with psychiatric nanotechnologies, harmless compared to collected online data. If you don’t behave how they want, you get tortured by those means, even if you don’t work for them and have enough money. This is to keep you loyal. Obviously there is a legal justification for that in some countries. That is not that funny. If you leave the country, other countries don’t stop those technologies and are not accusing the offenders.

So I am wondering, why some people get millions for a sexual assault and some are tortured for several years without any consequences. Where is that moral sense? In my case I am threatened by medical technologies to keep me away from the internet and Facebook, because I obviously had infected thousands with sexually transmitted diseases, who would sue me if they hear from me. Obviously this is because I am influencing media budgets and my posts are not favoring Germany. On the other hand there is a need for thousands of people for the digital revolution media and healthcare institutions are fighting against. I have to refuse every offer. When I am using “hostile services” like Amazon I get soft electro shocks. Then they are keeping me away from my relatives because they claim that I was a case of child abuse. I nearly have no teeth anymore, because they claim, my mother would have neglected me like that. There are billions of people with all sorts of indications they know, and they plan to destruct my whole family. Of course she doesn’t know what they do and her healthcare institution is refusing to have contact with me, as my bank. Obviously the city needs funding or a company to enable people to communicate via Skype or Whatsapp. Further they observe, how I react to people. Sometimes they are giving me soft electro shocks to appear strange. So I feel like a puppet on the string or Voodoo Puppet of someone.

Obviously those games are played by national psychiatrists for political and social reasons. So every personal development, education, knowledge, experience and contact is worthless since they are playing avatar with you how they want it, without you being able to stop it. There is no possiblility for personal improvement. Germany is able to force you to do whatever the central state planning wants even if you loose your life. There is no escape to abroad, since the technologies are used worldwide. If you tell people about that, the legal system will diagnose you with paranoid schizophrenia and hospitalize you. I don’t know which other states are practicing this tortures.

Obviously the only way to escape those tortures is to get another citizenship, having another strategy, since the national methods are applied worldwide.

Shootings, Traffic and the Prison

Sometimes not that easy to describe what is going on. Today I ‘m going to tell you about my experiences in prison. The fist one was 25 years ago in Bocholt, where I had to sleep in a drying-out-cell without any equipment. I kept on knocking against a shop window after the local shooting match, where they picked me up. Last year I was crossing the street at red in Lucerne, then I was caught riding the bus without paying, because my german banks refuse speaking with me while I am in Switzerland. The fines were not that high, but unfortunately I couldn’t pay them. Due to continued lack of money I also could not react to the monetary reminders, which were sent to my former flat. When I got into a police control in the street I was arrested for that reason. Of course the public prosecution department knew about my situation, being tortured by the german healthcare for years in order to be reintegrated in the german media business without any monetary or economic reason, but probably they wanted to end this procedure, unfortunately with now result. I do not understand why they did not accuse my german banks and bring me into safety. I mean, I could have got an heart attack.

The fist night was in a cell at Stadtpolizei Luzern. First I got a strip search, then I was brought to a small cabin with basin and toilet, but without window. The breakfast was rather plain. The next day they brought me with the prison van to the Justizvollzugsanstalt. Since I panicked when they wanted to handcuff me with hands in the back, they were so friendly to handcuff me with hands in the front. The cabin in the van was tiny, but luckily it was just a ten minutes ride. Arrived there I was impressed by the arts in the check in lobby showing names of celebrities like Eduard Zimmermann. Then I was brought to a cell with three other people. There were two bunk beds on each wall and a television set in the front. The doors to the corridor with four other cells and a bathroom where open most time. There were three meals a day. In the afternoon we could spent an hour at a central court to socialize and play table tennis. The other inmates were from all over the world but also from Switzerland. So we were talking about shared experiences. Some had strange accidents. Most time of the day we were watching television and asking us, what they wanted to tell us. When I was annoyed, I was just imagining to be in a chalet somewhere. From the interior there were slight similarities. For my dismissal I got a new backpack. I liked the sporting brand from the institute. Unfortunately not available online.

From the monetary aspect I had to be there for 100 Franks and the costs per day are 400 Franks per person, obviously due to psychological reasons.

Eingangsbereich Grosshof
Eingangsbereich Grosshof
Zelle Grosshof
Zelle Grosshof
Spazierhof Grosshof
Spazierhof Grosshof




Healthcare, Communities and History

Schorndorfer Weiber
Schorndorfer Weiber

Here the answer of the “Schorndorfer Weiber”, the community of my mother to my situation. I am living in the streets in Switzerland and begging for five months now, tortured by technologies of the “new national socialist” german healthcare, nobody is believing they exist. Why and in favor of whom? In case I get hurt or kill myself due to the tortures, who will get all I have including the whole family heritage? I mean there are some regulations about the procedure. Why does not a single woman drive 200 km to help me? My sister is already knocked out by the german healthcare. The sister of my father nearly died there, because people were too trendy and not caring. So am I chased, tortured and killed for the local museum or other social projects of the city running out of money? They get my live, are not responsible, are supporting social projects and are expecting me to go to the swiss charity not verificating what happened? That might be, why neither the lord mayor of this city is not answering me, nor the local Diakonie or my bank refusing to use technology. Needless to say that not a single of my former business partners or friends feels responsible. From my side it is not primarily about the money, but about the identification and prosecution of the responsibles of my tortures, nobody is caring about. And obviously there are several. I have no clue what this community thinks, but if you read the mails below, it could also be that they are afraid of german authorities as I am. Check their technologies before moving or investing there, but probably they are just treating germans like that.

I wrote them this blogpost and obviously they are supporting my death penalty as everybody.

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