Money makes the world go round


Running Heatmap
Running Heatmap

Two nights ago, I was found by the police while sleeping in the streets. Then I was arrested, since I could not pay the fine of 100 Franks for begging in the streets.

Despite the unpleasant situation, the procedure was friendly. They asked me about the industry causing the psychiatric tortures and took me to prison. This time I did not protest against the handcuffs in the back and the transport in the cage, without window.

The next day I was brought to the immigration, who gave me a train ticket, and asked me to leave the country within the next 24 hours.

In the last weeks I learned, that companies and states can cause a psychiatric knockout until death how they like it, even without you having secret information, a treaty and you are financially independent. Like that they force you to do whatever or die. I am forbidden to travel, work or deal with investment. I was knocked out 2013 for my last employer 2009, without me having a chance to do something against them. When I get job offers they block my brain, with their tools.

It is not the fault of my social graph, as I thought before. It is the german government doing that for the media. Another problem is, that my family has no chance to do something against it, since I am forcibly conditioned against them. For that some institution would have had to feel responsible for the further development of the whole family inclusive all possessions, according to a reasonable policy. Wrote hundreds of mails to hundreds of institutions, with no response. Also wondering about neutral due diligence, observing, what is going on when I am on the road. German government is obviously following, torturing and expropriating the possessions of generations as long as I am German. For now I was asked to leave Switzerland, having lost three teeth in one year, without all my sporting medals, scripts of what I have learned, audiotapes from my childhood and a single cent. Guess, what I miss most? Those crazy audiotapes. Should have digitalized them. And you know what? Germany embassy knowing what is going on is sponsoring the Marathon of the City where they forced me to beg and sleep in the streets. So obviously people should run for them. Can you imagine the hate? That is why it is not possible for me to go back to Germany, because they would probably imprison me immediately for nothing. If they arrest me in Switzerland next time, my life probably will be over. Fortunately I found other private sponsors, unfortunately unable to stop the psycho terror.

My bank, where I have an account since I am five years old, and I am a member, could have saved everything by helping or  mediating. Instead they are treating me like rubbish and are auctioning my property in Germany. Mind your bank. Wondering what with the rest of family possessions will happen soon. “It is not in my hands”.

Sorry the confusing history, but it is difficult to sort and make sense of the happenings and I just started dealing with international, public and civil law, responsible for those happenings. Amazing what states and legislations can do. Please deal with it. See the next posting for that.



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