You are Switzerland


Today I am telling you, how the story went on.  Germany keeps on torturing me all day long with mental high tech, obviously due to my digital presence in the digital age. Since I am german, they have the right to do whatever they want with me, due to a construct called personal sovereignty. For some reasons of public and civil law, some countries can spy you for decades, knock you out, and put you under control of who ever, without you knowing it. Compare the international legislation. Obviously the media industry branch I was working for seven years ago, has the right to decide about my life and the real estate of my whole family, what they call area highness. My bank is refusing to speak with me, and is asking me to contact my 82 year old mother, who does not know what is happening and has no electronic devices. There is no legal base for that. So my bank is probably the major player in this game putting me in life danger and crippling me.

From July to November 2016 I was living with a german guy in Horw. Unfortunately I could not give him money. So I had to leave. The income from begging in the streets was not enough. Happily I found a vietnamese bloke in Lucerne who shared his room with me from November 2016 . For that he asked me to sell tooth brushes in the streets for him. Unfortunately nobody wanted one. But I still managed to get food and money for a bit spare time activities from begging. In November I went to the mental healthcare at Kantonsspital who was not able to help me. In December 2016 I went to the police to ask about the report I made in Mai about the tortures from Germany. When living and registered in Kriens before that, from August 2015 to February 2016, I was unable to go to the police because the tortures were that strong, that it was not possible, although I was registered there. They are able to switch my brain on and off how they like it, stick me whatever where ever and even induce pain. In churches they are able to induce orgasms and do other funny games against my will. Would be interesting to see those people and ask Mr. Thiam how much that is in money. I was not even able to go out in Lucerne the first month. The police sent me to the Immigration in December 2016, who asked me to leave the country. Unfortunately a bit difficult without any money and no clue where to go to. Alternatively I could ask for asylum, with a low chance to get it. Swiss Caritas would have details and give me money to drive to Zurich for that. Unfortunately Swiss Caritas had no idea how to help me as already the German Caritas. Since I did not know where to go and had no money, the vietnamese offered me to hide me in a boards crate in his cellar. I stayed there four months over the winter until the police arrested me and put me into prison. Unfortunately the canton was not able to solve the problem although he knew about my situation. When I got out, I found a container in a building site to hide me. Some days later security catched me there. Then I found another place to hide. So I am hanging around at the station for nearly one year now. Needless to say, that I am a bit tired of all those attacks. Since I had no money to take my things out of the locker in the train station, SBB cleared it and brought it to somewhere in Berne. So I have just the clothes I am wearing left. When the police controlled me two weeks ago, they asked me to flee to Italy. Unfortunately Germany is conditioning me also against the whole European Union. I was tortured also in Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK in 2013.

The reason behind it all. Some national states are controlling people with embodied hightech for decades. Responsible is the regional mental healthcare in Cologne. I was working for conservative german media, who dismissed me 8 years ago due to a stressful situation in my family. So I was dealing with other projects like artificial intelligence. When I started to argue against their ideology, they took my consciousness, sent me abroad and started torturing me. It is legal, that, they torture you in Switzerland, for four years even if you are registered there, only due to the german citizenship. Maybe the canton is a relevant size in legislation as well. Don’t know (yet) about other countries in the world. I did not know about that, otherwise I would have never worked for a german media company. Choose your employer carefully, and rather refuse a job, if you don’t agree with their policy. They are able to kill you, no matter what degree you have, in what personal situation you are or how much money you have.

Make sure you are connected to a legal artificial intelligence network that is not working against you and your property. Some states give citizenships away for free, some are taking money, others have strict regulations for citizenships. Choose your bank accordingly to help you with hints. My community bank is working against me, the whole family and for german media. Obviously they have to obey the central german planning. Hopefully the digital networks of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, their assistants and other private companies are soon able to find solutions for you. They have blacklists, and know what is happening, where. Hopefully they are soon able to help.


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