Healthcare, Communities and History

Schorndorfer Weiber
Schorndorfer Weiber

Here the answer of the “Schorndorfer Weiber”, the community of my mother to my situation. I am living in the streets in Switzerland and begging for five months now, tortured by technologies of the “new national socialist” german healthcare, nobody is believing they exist. Why and in favor of whom? In case I get hurt or kill myself due to the tortures, who will get all I have including the whole family heritage? I mean there are some regulations about the procedure. Why does not a single woman drive 200 km to help me? My sister is already knocked out by the german healthcare. The sister of my father nearly died there, because people were too trendy and not caring. So am I chased, tortured and killed for the local museum or other social projects of the city running out of money? They get my live, are not responsible, are supporting social projects and are expecting me to go to the swiss charity not verificating what happened? That might be, why neither the lord mayor of this city is not answering me, nor the local Diakonie or my bank refusing to use technology. Needless to say that not a single of my former business partners or friends feels responsible. From my side it is not primarily about the money, but about the identification and prosecution of the responsibles of my tortures, nobody is caring about. And obviously there are several. I have no clue what this community thinks, but if you read the mails below, it could also be that they are afraid of german authorities as I am. Check their technologies before moving or investing there, but probably they are just treating germans like that.

I wrote them this blogpost and obviously they are supporting my death penalty as everybody.

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