Bounded Reality, Finance and Agents

Horw from Himmelrich
Horw from Himmelrich

For the manifold data systems and algorithms of the world here my experience from living in Horw.

Horw is a nice small town located at the south of Lucerne situated at the lake and foot of Mount Pilatus. Fortunately I found a person who let me a room in a wonderful old wooden house next to a swimming place and close to the mountain.

Fortunately my “embodied german control system” was stopping to bother me with childhood abuse, violence, bars, circles, colors and nationalities, but gave me the next projects. I was supposed to sell my property in Cologne without contacting german institutions and to write letters of application. In order to make it not too easy, it was disrupting me the whole day with a distorted analysis of my activities. So I gave my best to ignore it.

I called a few swiss wealth management companies and was asking them, weather they could deal with my property in Germany, unfortunately they couldn’t. Then I went to the local branches of UBS and Credit Suisse in Lucerne. UBS asked me to go the Germany Desk in Zurich, Credit Suisse obviously does not deal with real estate at all. Unfortunately I could not afford a trip to Zurich.

Then I asked two of my german banks, how they think about the situation and the activities of  my “controlling system”. The first did not react, the second asked me to consult my mother. A bit difficult, since she started crying and hang up the last time I called her, because she did not understand what they are doing with me for four years now.

The project with the applications was a bit difficult, since I spent most time of  the day in the streets asking for people for food. Additionally I restarted my running activities, I had to disrupt due to my homelessness before. To improve my education I often went to the technical university and dealt with some projects of them. Much about digitalization, data and living in future. Without doubt highly controversial projects.

I had to leave Horw after four months, because I was not able to solve the financial problem, despite I was able to survive. That is also why I was never registered there. Wondering what people think, who don’t know the details of the situation.




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