Money, Money.


Imagine the following: After you get roasted and insulted in your flat in Germany, that you leave the country with your last power, three times, get tortured abroad by their crazy technologies, trying to make you mad, you are loosing all you have, and nobody in the whole country or world is doing something against it.

One of the most interesting communications is the one with my bank. My grandfather opened a savings account with me there when I was four years old. I was saving virtuously with all my relatives for world savings day, when I went there with my piggy bank in order to get further presents. Later I was one of the first who had a checking account for pupils with them. Then I was very busy with their business and stock market simulations at school. Then I became associate member and inherited the memberships of died relatives.

Telling them hundreds of times what was happening 2013 and is happening now, they are refusing to investigate the case and manage my money. Instead they are asking me to contact my 82 years old sick mother who is not knowing what is going on, to appear personally at the bank. I mean, I have my own life and inherited money from another relative. Unfortunately I have no phone to ring her, and the bank is refusing to do that for me. Furthermore they have no connections to swiss banks. Obviously digitalization has not reached them either.

When asking people in this city to contact my mother, they are refusing it. So obviously they think, that the treatment I get is right.

I mean we are in the 21st century, there are thousands of financial products, wealth management tools, hundreds of institutions are developing new concepts every day, alternative business models like Blockchain are arising and they have nothing else to do than torturing their clients and members trusting them. So obviously there is a big need for those products.

I complained with their federal authority two days before christmas 2016 and got no response until today.

Now I know, that the “central german planning” is spying people for decades. They know everything, that happened in my life since at least 1997. This is done with physical methods. For the time before they use pathologic psychiatric theories. In our case me and my sister are victims of heavy child abuse. This is what they are conditioning with their tools and are forcing medication and social work. My mother starts crying if we tell her. So in our case the whole family is expropriated without the bank reacting. This is german wealth management.

If you inherit some money, the first thing you have to do, is to buy another citizenship, because there is a risk that they are killing you for their healthcare and social system. Unfortunately there is no chance to report them at least in Germany and Switzerland. They can do whatever they want. If I kill myself, the state gets all I have.

I hope the bank has no conflict of interests.


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