Heile, heile Gänschen

SteuernIt is one topic that insurance companies are paying doctors to make people sicker than they are in order to get higher public fundings (Article: Diagnosis).

Another topic is that they are fighting for higher tarifs without diganosis.

On the other side hundreds of billions are spent for wrong therapies.

Additionally the german taxpayer is paying some institutions of the healthcare system to make healthy people ill, if they are of no (political) use for some groups and nobody else is interested.

Don’t worry, if they leave the country, they get tortured by them there. We are in the 21st century and have nanotechnologies. So in fact they have death penalty for “uncomfortable” Germans and no right of free speech. Still nobody interested.

Why? Because they want them to love their beloved, helping and understanding groups, prevent integration somewhere else and support their broke healthcare system. And of course the beloved groups are not interested, because they think the victims are crazy or deserved it. So they end up in jails or in mental hospitals, if they don’t kill themselves. Social and digital media are a wonderful proof, of what is going on. If a nuclear detonation over Berlin helped, I would trigger it, if they don’t stop it, admit it and pay for the damage they caused. I am as peaceful as they are.

Hopefully people will have better tools soon, including artificial intelligence, enhanced and virtual reality, to find out and simulate, what goes on in people. If global tech companies like Google Biochips, Facebook or new independent providers and their ecosystems are not winning this war and prosecute the responsibles, the killing will go on. And of course they hate them for that. So please support them.


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