The Roots

Rethinking some events of my past from a developmental, psychosocial and neurocognivite point of view, I spontaneously managed it to integrate 52 people in my family tree with a little help from three sources ( and One day later it were 70. Unfortunately still many people and links are missing. Especially the branch grand mother mother, quite important for me for genetic reasons and the grand cousins, due to psychosocial reasons. Loving it to click around on it and to deal with the stories, like children do today on tablets with figures of fairytales or games, probably not yet with personalities and social graphs.

Family Tree, Ulrich Weihler
Family Tree, Ulrich Weihler

From the development perspective some sort of “social graph” with features and relationships of all those sometimes rivalrous people, gangs and tribes, of farmers, craftsmen, workers, clerks, rich and poor, and regional branches of your family and neighbourhood is internalized very early, without you knowing it. As a consequence you develop a strategy to survive and deal with all of them, an enriched environment presumed. Nowadays one tribe has to ensure you survive, because with advancing technology they are getting more aggressive.

In the next step, pictures, artefacts and documents ought to be added to the digital family or developmental tree. A pitty if they were thrown away, because they coined who YOU are. Sometimes tricky because people have different opinions about property and emotions, so you will have to apply different perspectives to make sense of something. In other words to adapt a third persons perspective. That is what virtual agents and assistants will do for you in future. Further they will explain your life backwards. The other question is, what to publish without annoying anybody. For the artefacts it is probably easier and digitalization is offering endless innovations.

In the easiest case it takes hours for me to think about who took part in which event of the past, and what happened there, especially when I am travelling and am or see other people in similar situations. But often quite inspirative or entertaining. Probably a big need for private and/or public digital stocktaking and policy. Loving this blog from Willisauer Bote, a local newspaper. Also loving the basic statistics, which are of course improvable. Obviously some companies are identifying them recently, but people have to fill them with data. The question is with which? Observing them, they often feel close to more or less similar people somewhere in the word. One in New Zealand, the other in Nepal, Canada, Bresil, Texas or where ever, to widen their horizons in a way they like why ever.


Additionally the family social graph before internet and social media might be quite important for several disciplines. Today it is calculated digitally and the threat of wrong interpretation of some spiritualists, psychologists or psychiatrists is abolished.

Did not deal much with genetic data yet, doubtlessly quite helpful too for medical reasons. In any case the only brother of my father who never had cancer, was the one doing sports. My mother and sister who never moved much in their life, despite their highly energetic disposition also had cancer, but survived it.

Family Tree, Ulrich Weihler
Family Tree, Ulrich Weihler

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