Data is the new oil

MS Switzerland

Obviously most persons in the world perceive to have more right for property and life than I have. Last night my mobile phone and my sports watch were stolen in the Notschlafstelle for the Homeless. They need money for drugs.

From my present position probably more efficient to engage them to get new things for me, than reporting them. From the data perspective not that wise, because data knows both thief, as old and new owners, and there will be some sort of prosecution in both cases if some interfaces are given, what I don’t know.

The sports watch was a present but is not necessary for survival. The mobile phone is crucial, since the data are the proof, that I am acting normal, despite this immense and enduring humiliation of my person, by thousands of people claiming to be better in whatever or demanding whatever, without a single one ensuring my survival. Unfortunately I have no energy anymore to write hundreds of applications a day. Additionally I had nothing to eat yesterday and went to this monastery, where they sent me away because it was Sunday. I have no clue what to do next.

Maybe I should verify my investments to find out what is wrong. #ScienceApplicationsInternational.







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