Life, Orientation and Communication

Rathaustreppe, Luzern
Rathaustreppe, Luzern

Just want to let you know, how the story went on. Fortunately I was treated at Kantonsspital despite my severe Christal Meth wounds. In the last two weeks I was dealing with psychiatric classification schemata to find out more about what happened in my flat in Cologne, possible interest groups, and their argumentation. Not always that easy to understand, but quite calming to deal with, and making sense to me in most points of the conceptualization and measurement.

So my social media project had to wait. Was not publishing that much, just trying to take at least one photo a day as a memory support, and posting it on Instagram or Location Based Services. I used Flickr for a complete overview. Have to improve this project due to four reasons:

  1. The ambience is changing very often, so people might get confused with facets of my personality.
  2. The photos don’t say much about the situation, and I don’t want to write a novel about every one.
  3. The distribution is far from atomized storytelling and effective monitoring of success.
  4. A lack of general policy.

But all together I think the three new blogs I created within two months are a step in the right direction. And not bad for that I have to think about many things at the moment and to cope with many situations.






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