Killing me softly

Obviously the punishment I get has something to do with my online behaviour. Tonight was the first night in my life, I had to sleep in the piss of other people, to find a warm place. My right wing friends will probably say, that I’m used to that and I have deserved that. Additionally I was intoxicated the whole evening with insults and vulgarity about my person, with the weapons, they claim to be better. This is no delusion, because, there are regularities. So I have horrible heartache today and feel like dying. Unfortunately I have neither health insurance,  money nor the right to stay in this country. Probably the day before yesterday was my last run. These are unrepearable body damages and is murder. I can live with induced psychopathy but without a monetary reward signal I will be dead. I hope this will have the consequences for the initiators they are scared of and the system will know, what to do.


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