Monitoring, Tracking, Meaning Making

After filling and improving my WordPress Blog, I tried to make sense of the perception of my online activities. Already using Klout for the monitoring of my Social Media activities, I installed Google Analytics to verify the success of my blog. The results are interesting.

In the last two days I wrote two Blog Posts:
1. Data recovery, movement profiles and artificial intelligence
(posted on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Xing, LinkedIn)
2. That my life is threatened and by whom
(posted on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, todays LinkedIn and Xing not included)

The response was zero.

Google Analytics, 03.05.2016
Google Analytics, 03.05.2016

In the same time:
– I posted a funpic on Facebook
– I commented a post of a former collegue on Facebook about Push Marketing
– Posted a question about Paid Media on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
– Retweeted an article about free artificial intelligence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

No responses but my Klout Score went up.

Klout, 03.05.2016
Klout, 03.05.2016

Of course there are manifold tracking tools for all sorts of platforms, and nearly every second of our life is monitored by whatever system, aggregated by other systems, and we are already amidst the battle of future systems. So I think it is quite important to keep track of who knows and tracks what, is communicating what, to deal with those issues, and last not least to enhance and defend oneself with digital media. Probably a huge market, since not even every company has access to those content management, tracking and intelligence systems.

On the other hand I see hundreds of asian tourists a day doing the nicest photos of the city, just putting them on WeChat, and loads of wonderful pictures on Instagram. Probably in the least cases they are tracked by the users and they don’t know if and how they are distributed, monetarized and still available years later. On the other side there are nearly empty sites of tourist offices and media, that could be filled by an average tourist in one day.

For now I have to think about the results of my first tracking experiences from the user perspective, not to mension the time I lost not doing it.




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