Time, time, time

tissot-smart-touch-watch-2Still busy with structuring my internet activities of the last years. I found out, that some data I gathered and published are lost, some interfaces I need don’t exist, others don’t make sense, and I have no access to key performance indicators of my digital activities.

Sometimes I get lost, looking for tools helping me to integrate and distribute data. Hoping that in the long run not the digital strategies of companies are  crucial, but their potential in enabling their customers to apply successful digital and life strategies.

If the internet knows what I was dealing with in the past and I am dealing with now, in the next step it will have to anticipate my future, and not just the next purchase. For that, it will have to show me consequences of my present behavior and correct inefficiencies.

At the moment I am curious about the next digital steps of service intensive industries dealing with precision and reliability in higher price segments. If an important feature of a car or watch is the connectivity, I expect that they are supporting me in defining an adequate digital strategy. The same, with hotels promoting social media activities. What are the benefits and hazards of the activities encouraged?  Additionally it makes a difference for me whether I use a free service like Google or Facebook, or I spend money for services.  If I invest 500 Euros in a Garmin watch I presume certain features and improvements. But unfortunately it is not possible for me to import the GPX files in a WordPress blog, enrich it or the map with other data, keep record of it, and distribute it accordingly. Obviously at the moment I will need a business consultant, data analyst and WordPress programmer making the purchase decisions for me and estimating the costs for further investments. Of course this is my personal experience, but probably other people will make the same ones. So hopefully the BMWs, Tissots and Intercontinentals of the world anticipate this market and make my life a bit easier, the digital only companies where not able to do yet.



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