Gallus and the Bear

Flag Kriens
Flag Kriens

Today I am telling you, what movie the german healthcare played in my head in Kriens for six months. Refusing to go back to Germany where they roasted my brain three times in 2013, and from where they continued remote torture since then, I found a flat in Kriens in August 2015.

The game is an avartar game: A former client of mine had obviously told my former industry branch a secret about a disease I gave him in 2009. Due to that I obviously infected several thousand people, and 3.000 accused me for that. Some former business partners had disabled children due to that. My mother committed suicide for that reasons. That is why the german right wing executed this client by public anal penetration on a central square in Cologne. If I would not stay away from digital media, I would have to sell the family heritage for the poor disabled children.

The reason for my sexuality is, that my mother obviously penetrated my anus in childhood amnesia with a scalpel and for that I should  send her to hell and ash symbolically on her clothes, when smoking a cigarette. Due to early torture I was obviously a pederast but only with foreign children, because she obviously was a Nazi. When I left the house they conditioned me against children.

The game went like that. When I saw an islamic child with a blue t-shirt, then I had to look at something blue, then at a circle, then a rod to penetrate it mentally. Then they activated sexual centers in my brain. The same with jewish and swiss children. Just with other colors. Sometimes they asked me to kill them by cutting them up. So it took several weeks to be able to go to Lucerne. When I managed it, the bars kicked me out, due to strange behavior. Obviously I was like that my whole life and should not remember something else.

At night they gave me the feeling to stick something into my bottom and played with my body.

To get relief I should go to Kantonsspital and get one leg amputated as a punishment for my illness. If I would not do it immediately, they threatened to increase the torture the next day, and I would have to get rid of two legs there. If I refused to do that, they would further increase the torture and I had to ask the Kantonsspital to amputate both legs and one arm one day later. If still refusing to go there they would want me to amputate both legs and arms. Then they would bring me to a mental hospital in Germany, where I should ask my mother to kill me by penetration with the teapot, I presented her, and posted that on Facebook some years ago.

Probably my body parts should symbolize social groups, I should ask for help. Many psychiatrists are not arguing with mental plasticity but with grown social groups: family, friends, job, relationship. So obviously they blamed me for not arguing for my family, friends, former job and not looking for a relationship. But why should I when looking for new experiences, they did not want. The logical consequence is, that they wanted me to keep away from anything new and to reintegrate me in Cologne in the groups I have been until 2009, before my nice 90 year old aunty reentered my life and got no help of any group inclusive the healthcare sector.

Unfortunately my mother as my closest relative is 82 years old now and not in the best condition. Obviously they enforce my reintegration in Cologne and german media anyway, in favor of the healthcare in her village. That is why Caritas is not arranging a contact with her, despite all possibilities of new media (Skype, WhatsApp). Can you imagine how afraid I am of them?

So obviously there is a central lifetime planning in Germany they are doing with psychiatric means, and Hilda crossed their strategy. Anybody who knew her, knows how stubborn she was.

I have no clue with whom they are playing those games, but would propose they talked to them instead of torturing them for years.

I survived Kriens with a lot of sports, I am very proud of, the nice landscape, the good food, and as much reading as possible in the library in Lucerne. I had to leave it, because the house I was living in was torn off for the new city center. A nice imagination, if she would have lived there. Probably they would have needed armies of psychiatrists to get her out there.

I hope that I am that tough, but unfortunately I am homeless now, have to beg in the street for six month now, because german healthcare took all my property, I am loosing my teeth and have the impression to develop cancer. A task for virtual agents.

Unfortunately I am not an international lawyer, but have the impression that your nationality is the key feature and the most important feature of wealth management.


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