Enfants, Patrie, Gloire

To continue my birthday timeline, today I will tell you about my 47th in Paris. Loving those international fitness alliances. So I was looking for the best club of my network in town and spent most of the day there. Unfortunately the spa area was not that comfortable and spacious, so I had to do three classes. Since the french are not that anglophil they were not participating in the usual LesMills programs but having their own classes and playing their own electronic sounds, remembering me of my youth.

Fitocracy, Health City, Paris, Champs Elysées
Health City, Paris, Champs Elysées

To keep record of what sportive activities I was doing I registered with the Fitocracy community some years before, and was sometimes sharing my activities on Facebook, unfortunately without social or monetary reward. So I stopped it.

Maybe there are several possibilities to optimize connectivity and gratifications. A task for companies. Of course we are living in a world of competition, people are having concepts of themselves and are part of various social systems, but in most cases there is probably a huge discrepancy between imagination and reality. So also regarding this point I hope that data are helping us to bridge this gap, or at least enlighten the confusion about the self respective others, and improve our navigation in the world. Maybe someday I will resume some self-enhancement literature and the fuzzy concepts, if I and somebody else has a monetary benefit from it.










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