Insurance mathematics and Ideology

To complete the story of my escapes from Germany. Here is number three. This time I managed it to stay in Germany for another three weeks. When alone in my flat, I was supposed to find a solution for the infection of children with sexually transmitted diseases. They were passing in front of my window, asking their mothers, “why is he normal now?”, and they said, “because he had a sex holiday in Paris, and is sick now!”. When I went to a bar, their tech threatened me with: “If you infect somebody here, we will kill you!”. You have already infected 3.000 people with your last employer. After being able to supress the torture for three weeks, they applied some sort of radiation in my flat in the evening of Januar 28 2014. I had the feeling they were dissolving my brain, which get worse every minute. So I ran out of my flat and thought about some sort of haluzinations. Calmed again, I went back to sleep. The next day  I went back to Paris, and found out, that I lost nearly all of my consciousness that night. There they additionally tried to induce anti islamic hallucinations. So I went to Zurich on February 19 hoping they could not use their technology outside the EU. Wrong thought. Arrived in Zurich I could hardly remember my name, respective any event of my live, because they smashed my brain completely with child abuse and diseases. So I had to start to recapitulate my life from zero, which was quite painful. The conditions ameliorated when I was living with people in Zurich via AirBnB I appreciated very much, worsened with a hostile host in Wädenswil, who probably got paid for torturing me, and living alone in Kriens. In Wädenswil I heard children saying, that others were paralyzed because of me. In Kriens their artificial intelligence technology was seriously exposing me with global infection figures, methods to torture my mother for my misuse, and how she gets tortured by their groups for the infection of 3.000 people I was responsible for. Actually she already committed suicide while i was in Zurich, after being permanently interrogated by a secret service about my hard childhood and sexual preferences, while I was in London. The person who gave the information about a disease I had in 2009 into the relevant channels was obviously executed by public anal penetration with a huge bar in Cologne. The media strategy was matched with Facebook posts. Of course they hate digital and social media for the controllability of their diagnoses. To resume this. The whole story with nacional socialist prosecution by the german healthcare started after I started dealing with cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence and travelling in 2013.  The latest version is fecal sex with everybody. Obviously there is a need for tools controlling the application of those artificial intelligence methods. If national authorities are applying them, people have to fight for international solutions. Otherwise they are able to beam into the brain of everybody. Actually your state knows everything about you, and can kill you for your opinion, power or money. Obviously I am in a pilot study to be optimized.


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