Nature, Science and Drawings

Fork, London
Fork, London

So, what was I doing in London 2013? I have been there from October 26 till December 18. This time I did things I never did before. Most of my time I spent at Natural History Museum, where I was amazed by the history of the earth and possible projections into the future. Also liked the Biodiversity Center, where they still register new species, people find in the nature. Also never was dealing with some medical topics like Endocrinology, they explain quite well.

In the Science Museum the “Making of the Modern World” exhibition and the Climate Science Info Zone made me think. Liked those carbon footprints, if you want to find out about your massive energy consumption. Then I had a look at the future possibilities of 3D printing.

Also discovered the Welcome Collection and the Hunterian Museum, where they deal with the cruel history of medicine and future developments. I was drawing a choroid plexus. Then I was thinking about investing 200 Pounds in a MRI scan.

Then I strolled through the major colleges. At Kings I was hypnotized by the ice rink, at UCL I liked digital frontiers and at Imperial I went to a job fair for IT students. All are establishing Farmer Markets and are dealing with much data. Further I visited the UAL and joined some projects they did at  Elephant & Castle Shopping Center. Here my experience reagrding the link of the last and following sentence. Liked this Photomat, were you had to scream to trigger a photo and the artistic visualizations of one of my topics of interest at that time: psychiatric diseases. A wonderful opportunity to realize a hairdresser is necessary.


Of couse I also had to visit the olympic parc and to have a look at the transforming environments and neighbourhoods.

Not to forget my visit at Tate Gallery, where I was impressed by the interactive tools of Bloomberg Connect, where you could “visit” studios of artists all over the world. Further I contributed a digital artwork by drawing the view to the City of London from there.

Also first time went from London to Paris via the Eurotunnel without knowing what was expecting me. Quite interesting, and well described here.

Maybe some day I will digitalize the super 8 movies, I did as a teenager, to tell you about my first stays in London, reporting proudly that I stood the passage on the ferry with vomit of other people dropping from the stairways onto my head, due to the weather conditions. Also have to integrate the photos from my victorian phase I had during my stay in London 2011. Maybe I am also going to tell you about my other 100 visits and mental conditions in this wonderful city.

Here my travel history:
1982: School, Tunbridge Wells
1984: School, Denmark Hill
1989: Work Experience, Chelsea
2009: City Trip, Westminster
2010: Business Travel, Westminster
2010: Business Travel, Westminster
2013: General Education, Camden

Unfortunately I never had electric device with me. So maybe I add some relevant thoughts later to this chapter as well.


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