Second Escape


This is the day I had to leave Germany for the second time. I perceived continued supervision and irradiation in my fitness club and in my flat by means I don’t know. Probably again because I was dealing with memory, emotion and attention at the library for medicine and reported about it on Facebook to marketing people, working with those models, and others. With my psychiatric basic knowledge, I do know, that the goal was to induce hallucinations and psychosis as already before my first escape. I got this basic knowledge because I found a book about it in this library and was trying to integrate it in my models of consumer behavior. Additionally I was insulted as traitor and to be outlawed, so everybody could kill me without legal consequences. The intrusions where that strong, that I quickly packed a suitcase and did not even take important things as my smartwatch with me. I counted the minutes and prayed to the universe to be able to pass the german border.

This time I went to Amsterdam, where I found out, that the used technology is independent of my location. I was not able to navigate in the city or talk to somebody. Then I went to the airport and was supposed to think about nothing else than that my mother would nearly have killed me as a child and I was sexually abused by my father. This happened although I have been there with my mother years before. When I saw children, aggressive or sexual feelings were induced.So it was not possible for me to catch a plane somewhere. I was suggested, that if I enter a plane and have a wrong thought I would be pushed into a turbine. Frightening if thoughts can be induced. When I went outside the airport building, I perceived that they started to have a discussion with me about the compensation of holocaust victims and the psychiatric conditions of their relatives. Probably because I have been to Eastern Europe before. I was that annoyed, that I went to a Starbucks and told a little boy that I would open his head and wank into it. He was a bit surprised. And I was surprised that nothing happened.

Somehow I made it to Bruxelles. I was bothered technologically that much with children, that I went to the main street, where I found a mother with her girl in front of a shopping window. I approached them, opened my pants and said to the girl “take it, doesn’t it look delicious”? Some streets later I was arrested by the police. They asked some questions, but fortunately let me go, before the policeman kicked me and told me not to look too sexistic at his female collegue.

I made it to London and dealt a lot with science. Most of the time I spent at museums and dealt with the evolution of the universe, humans, culture and artefacts. When I went to the internet and looked up models of consumer behavior from my time at university, they increased the torture. So I decided to travel to Brighton. On my way there they told me, that it was a naval city and soldiers would kill me. Some days later I went back to London. Then I was told to be an insane Nazi, the queen would have killed herself, for allowing me to enter the country and their grandchilds would imprison me on a desert island. So I had to flee to Paris, where I did not know exactely what to do. I was not able to touch a book of neuroscience. My further education should have been blocked completely. Fortunately I was in a nice hotel near Republique and just had long strolls in the city. In the evenings I mixed with society. At the book market along the Seine I found a book of a french psychiatrist about how people survived life threatening torture, that build me up. Probably he did not know about the practices of some of his collegues.

Thinking to be cured and having suffered under some sort of nightmare I went back to Germany on January 6 2014, where the whole procedure started again some weeks later. This time I was not a pedophile, nazi or outlaw, I was claimed to have brought diseases from Paris. Obviously somebody had a severe problem with my sporting, education and digital communication behavior in Cologne again.

Obviously some influential german interest groups have nothing else to do than chasing people and declaring war to their parents with high tech, while the media are full with stories of crimes, that could have never happened with this prosecution, continuing till the parents or children are dead. So obviously my medical treatment some years before in Germany was not safe, as was my further education in consumer research and internet behavior. Additionally there is a strong connection to the rightwing national media. Interestingly nobody is reacting to those practices. That is why I lost a fortune and will loose my life, if nobody is reacting to my callings for help.




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