Persecution, Delusions and HighTech

July 24th 2013, I had to flee from Germany for the first time, because I had the unusual impression that I got supervised, conditioned and roasted in my flat. The reason were my visits at the Zentralbibliothek für Medizin in Cologne, my changing internet behavior and the reports about my findings on Facebook. As an economist I started dealing with mechanisms of memory only available there. The consequence was that I was forcibly exposed to the weirdest mixes of information from friends, different members of my family and former business partners probably gathered, coordinated and massively distorted by a group of german psychiatrists fighting digitalization by means I don’t know. So I suddenly felt in my flat like in a terror camp, with forced exposure and development of preferences and enemy images. Probably because they did not want “their knowledge” to be communicated in my marketing social graph and with “ordinary people”.

Unfortunately I am not able to proof neither content nor exposure to the different sources of information today. But without doubt, it was coordinated and distorted somehow and the reactions were verified by digital media. So they wanted to present me as a fool.

So I packed my things and rushed over the german border to the Netherlands. There I was intended to show traumatic reactions due to the abortion of my sister nearly 40 years ago, I was faced with. When the symptoms improved a few days later, I made my way back to Germany assuming to have suffered under a nightmare. Unfortunately the situation worsened immediately when crossing the border. So  I took a taxi to the Airport of Frankfurt, where I felt induced to whatever strange reactions towards children. Not able to book a flight, I took another taxi to Strasbourg, where I stayed for one night. There I suddenly was supposed to have a massive problem with the Islam. Next day I took another taxi to Basel, where I developed other delusions in front of the train station. So I went to the police in order to ask for Asylum. They brought me in handcuffs to a mental hospital, where I had to stay for four weeks. The symptoms improved with antidopaminergic medication, unfortunately my memory and alerts were  impaired by that. So I made my way back to Germany, assuming again I had some sort of temporal blackout. Two month later I had to flee again. Two months later again.

From todays point of view, I have to assume, that a right wing network of organized crime consisting of psychiatrists, media agencies, media, companies and scientists wants to destroy my life. My former business contacts are not reacting to what is going on, but are storing, interpreting and communicating my internet behavior. Somebody is probably paying people I meet for accusing me to be insane. And I am not able to proof what is going on. The mental healthcare is claiming to be better than Facebook and the internet and able to tidy up. Believe it or not. If you want to know, how the story went on, and you want to fight them, do that, and help me please.


3 thoughts on “Persecution, Delusions and HighTech

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