Tourism, Medicine and Technology

Let me tell you, how my journey to Eastern Europe went on. In Warsaw I decided to visit Poznan on my way to Berlin. Why Poznan? Just because I liked the name. In sports “pose” is a running method. In marketing Posner  is a psychologist famous for his models for attention. Probably the most difficult topic in Cognitive Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

Arrived in Poznan I first found out, that they are building a new train station, later I found out that the whole city is undergoing an impressive change, ameliorating the postwar and socialist conditions. I was living in an old town hostel next to the university of business and a wonderful shopping center, awarded as the best of the world. Being the only one guest I did not know how to evaluate the depressed situation there. Some days later I found out, that the owner, a mountain climber, was killed a few days before my arrival. Then I was learning about their adventurous projects. Liked the military extreme runs, some of them were participating in.

Here my running activities in Poznan. Loving those multiple ride trackers to help me remember what I have seen and done, to integrate all experiences and to make conclusions. Unfortunately I lost my camera, but found it again later in Berlin.
Strava, Activities, Poznan

Remarkable that nearly a fifth of the inhabitants of the city are students. And somehow I walked in one of the several university campuses nearly every day. In economics I dealt a bit with market segmentation in tourism. In medicine with brain anatomy, to get hints about how we make decisions, in technology I with the creation of coworking spaces. All together a wonderful mixture to combine with Posners and other attention models in a young and vivid ambience.

Was loving the lake of malta with its scenery and manifold sporting venues. In the swimming pool I was a bit irritated because they change the lengths of the basin at some days and times. But there is a timetable with the relevant information.

An extraordinary experience was the multisensual and virtual reality like xd cinema in Galeria MM obviously not existing anymore.

And a new pope was elected when I was in the city. I spend the evening in a cafe, watching the procedure. Unbelievable hard to remember all the restaurants and cafes I have been to in this city three years later. So I have to improve my memory and recordings.








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