Systems, Systems, Systems

Sigmund Column
Sigmund Column

To go on with my eastern Europe journey in 2013 some touristic thoughts about Warsaw today. The journey from Vilnius to Warsaw in the cosy Lux Express took eight hours. Already having been there in 2009 I tried to discover other facets of the city. This time I was doing several different themed walking tours as already learned in Riga: General, Praga, Alternative and Bars. The following days I revisited some spots of the tours I was particularly interested in.

Additionally I bought a ticket for my stay at Jatomi fitness, a wonderful club at Zlote Tarazy an amazing shopping center. I enjoyed the classes in polish language, even if I didn’t understand a single word.

In the History Meeting House I learned about the politics after the second word war and how people discussed the reconstruction of the city and the country. As so often things developed differently.

Two days I spent at Copernicus Science Center and loved the temporal exhibition about recent technological methods in psychology, to find out more about myself. The results were sent to me via email.

To discover the surroundings of the city I made a extended bike tour to the national park Kampinos situated in the north of the city.

Maybe some thoughts later.














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