Endurance, Nature and Culture

Jazz Club
Jazz Club

This is how my spontaneous trip to Bratilava continued. I bought a train ticket to Kosice, to find out how the European Capital of culture of 2013 is. The journey was amazingly quiet and comfortable, since I had a wagon on my own. The Slovak Express took six hours and drove me along rivers, castles and mountains through a wonderful winter wonderland. I stayed there for one week. Unfortunately the official celebrations started later, so I discovered the area on my own.

The main square around the church is one of the biggest squares in the world. From there I explored the old town, with the traditional craft alleys, arts shops and restaurants. Then I found out, that they held the first marathon races in Europe there. Loving the video. There is a marathon square with the statue of a marathon man. At the other end of the old town there is a Aupark shopping center with the usual chains. On its top floor is a fitness studio with spa, offering daily and weekly tariffs. As in Bratislava there is a very popular and vivid ice hockey scene. Don’t miss the technical museum to get an overview of the technological and scientific developments of the last couple of thousand years in a good and comprehensive overview.

Outside of the city I discovered huge post socialist industrialized areas, the places you know from some music videos and modeling scenes. In the other direction there is a national park called Slovak Paradise, inviting you for hiking, riding the bike or skying. There are wonderful spots and views over the amazing landscape.

In the evenings there are manifold pubs, bars and restaurants to explore. I liked the cafes, were they did all sorts of board games, the Bernard Club to meet the local nighthawks, the medieval restaurant for the steaks, and the Jazz Club for dining and party events.

From Kosice I continued my way to the worst city in the worst country of the word: Praha. Loving those cultural rivalries.









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