Sky lanterns, UFOs and Transformators

Today I am going to tell you, how my christmas trip 2012 to Vienna continued. Since the city was booked out for new years eve, I went on to Bratislava and was positively surprised. First I explored the wonderful old town and the castle residing on a hill above the city. For new years eve I went to the main square where several events took place. There was an ice rink, an open air disco with several DJs and a rise lantern event. At midnight there was a huge fireworks celebrating the 20th year of independence of the republic. The early morning I spent in a trendy club.

The following day I participated in a guided tour and learned about the rich history of the country: from the tribes of the bronze age, probably not unimportant for the development of our culture, to the moravian empire, the hungarian, mongol, austrian, german and russian invasions and the independence from Czechoslovakia.

The nightlife today is attracting several target groups from all around the world. Some are coming for the cheap beer, some for the vivid music and party scene, some for the luxury oases, arising everywhere. The 1. Slovak Pub is legendary. Additionally there is a world class ice hockey scene, with an impressive infrastructure. I prefered the olympic swimming pool, where the last one switches the lights off.

The shopping streets are offering both diverse handcrafted products and the usual international shops and department stores. Tezenis at Obchodna is doing odor marketing, depending on the weather sometimes for the whole street.

Outside the city there is an adventure area offering manifold activities from running, mountain biking, summer and winter sledge riding, a rope park, trampolin areas to more exotic games like tank driving. There are several bike rentals, to discover the area.

Since I read about Košice another slovac city, being Europes capital of culture 2013, I continued my journey to this place.



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