Blizzards, Brothels and Bonobos


My 44th birthday I spent in Chicago. On February 1 an immense blizzard arrived in the city. Within a couple of hours meters of snow covered the ground. The traffic on the motorways got stuck due to the massive icestorm, people were not able to leave their cars anymore and had to be saved by helicopters. I did not want to miss the spectacle and went outside. After a couple of meters I had icicles hanging from my eyebrows and nose. First I made it to a kiosk, where the mexican assistant was afraid of me, and disappeared in the backroom. Then I went to Glascotts Saloon, were three people I talked to and did not know each other have been in a famous brothel in Cologne called Pasha, all for different reasons. Then I went back home. The square next to where I lived around St. Michael in old town reminding me a bit like the one of “Back to the Future” looked a bit more surreal than usual.

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The next day I went to the old town to have a look at the masses of snow. One day later to the seafront to take photos of the wonderful icy scenery. In the evening I went to a club called Berlin. Tired of walking through the city I went to the zoo the next day to have a look how the other species coped with the climate. They did quite well.







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