Markets, Men and Women

Tel Aviv - Jaffa
Tel Aviv – Jaffa

I am really flattered that my 40th birthday is clicked that well, so today I am going to tell you something about my 43rd in 2010. Du to my doubtful digital strategy at this time, I have to challenge my memory now. That year I decided to visit Israel and booked a flight with one of those tanks of El Al from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv. There I stayed in a Guesthouse next to the Carmel Market.

The place was quite loud due to the passionate market vendors, so most of the time I spent somewhere in the city. I enjoyed strolling along the diverse boulevards, was having long walks at the seaside, visiting some museums and the old port and castle of Jaffa. There I have seen a multidude of weddings and was watching the amazing sunset over the city.

Did one guided tour to learn about some crazy stories of the stubborn old lord mayor Dizengoff, women without abdomen serving drinks in advertising columns, to find secret nice restaurant in the white city and to get an understanding of the architectural development of the city.

At night I was attracted by manifold bars and nightclubs. Quickly got used to the strange feeling, that some places had to be protected by weaponed soldiers and people were dancing and singing anyway.

At my birthday it was snowing. Obviously not that often the case in that region.

Maybe to be continued some day.





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