War and Piece in the past, present and future

In 2009 I was visiting a friend, who moved from Cologne to Madrid shortly before. I was amazed by the impressive colonial architecture of the inner city, the vivid nightlife and the cultural attitudes of people. I met one person who refused to sit at a table with a spanish flag on it because he was from Barcelona, the city paying the whole country. Additionally he insisted in the king speaking all spanish languages. Fiscal equalization and regions, a sentiment sometimes not to underestimate, everywhere.

Prado is a wonderful way and place to discover historical records and to learn how people dealt with existential questions at their times.  They could improve the features of their website including personalization to enable visitors to keep up with and enrich their experience.The time travel since social media and big data may be especially interesting in modern warfare and helpful in defining adequate strategies for manifold stakeholders.



2 thoughts on “War and Piece in the past, present and future

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