Wo na, wo na?

Ulrich Weihler, Ali, Köln, 21.03.2010
Ulrich Weihler, Ali, Köln, 21.04.2010


Today I am going to tell you about my 41th birthday. It was at “Rosenmontag” the highlight of Carnival in Cologne. Due to the intense competition of events, I did not throw a party this year. Since I did not drink alcohol as already 2006, it was a bit complicated to take part in the highly emotional social activities. Strange things were happening in my life anyway around this time. So I was busy to think things over.

An old aunt of mine was living in a village near Stuttgart with nobody of the family or neighbourhood caring for her. A church-based welfare agency tried to do the household. Unfortunately the people they send were that unpleasant, that she refused to open the doors one day. So she collapsed in her flat and was brought to a hospital in this village some days later, completely dehydrated. Some days before my birthday in 2008 they rang me in order to tell me, that there would be no reason anymore to keep her, I should pick her up immediately otherwise they would bring her to an old peoples home in this village. I told them, that not a single person there would be visiting her and she always threatened to kill herself if she had to go to an old peoples home. I proposed them to check the possibilities in my neighbourhood several hundred kilometers away and asked for a health report.

The report they issued was that bad, that every place refused to accept her. Since they wanted to get rid of her, they brought her to a mental hospital. In this place they blamed the medical hospital for her bad constitution and issued a better report. With this document I was able to find a place for her to stay in my neighbourhood some weeks later, to rent a private flat and organize a private nurse.

Due to several reasons she had seven different nurses in the following two years. During that time she brought her thighs three times, because she sometimes forgot that she could not walk properly. In the last hospital they handcuffed her to the bed and put it on the corridor. Due to unclear legislation her last private nurse decided to prosecute me at public expense as long till my insurance cancelled the treaty. Obviously she had several oral contracts for work and rent with me, I offended her and stole her property. Some courts took years to make a decision. This was after she had nothing else to do than bringing her to hospitals for some check ups in order to have no work, and trying to set her against me, until she threatened to jump out the window, that she had to be brought to a mental hospital for weeks. In this mental hospital the bakers’ guild saved her live in her imagination.

Later I had to bring her to an old peoples home. There she could not choose what to wear and had to wait for hours till somebody came to help her to the toilet. So she nearly hit her eyes out with some objects on the way and brought her rips. Due to lacking staff, I had to bring her to the doctor, they claimed the money for. When I brought her back to her hometown one month later, because I could not cope anymore with all those tragedies she died. Then the people living in her house demanded a renovation for tens of thousands of euros. So I had to sell it.

During this processes I lost my job. So I used the time for teaching, travelling and further education in cognitive neurosciences and artificial intelligence. Three years later I was persecuted in my flat that I had to leave Germany three times. Unfortunately also in this case nobody was interersted.

The improvement I can imagine in those and other situations is data, knowing the participants of the game, their interests and the tools they use, in order to find best matches with better methods than we have today, and to improve jurisdiction. The whole catalogue of artificial intelligence from nanotechnologies and digital assistants till enhanced reality and intention recognition are certainly as helpful as virtual reality. Probably also blockchain solutions will be of help, if easy to use and classical concepts fail.

From experience many health care providers are insisting in personal contact, but if the personal contact is that horrible it is doubtlessly better without it or at least to control it.







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