Beaches, Boats and Islands

Coconut Grove
Coconut Grove

Still dealing with recent discussions about the human mind, its mechanisms and supports. Today I try to resume my holiday season in Florida in 1996. We had the habitude to spend christmas abroad, and got an interesting offer from our travel agency for Miami that year. So we drove to Amsterdam and took a plane to Miami. At the airport we got a rental car and made our way to our bungalow in Fort Lauderdale. It was situated along one of the many channels of the city. Unfortunately no boat was included, as usual in our neighbourhood. So we explored the amenities of the area by foot or car in the next few days.

Additionally we made some excursions. One day we visited Miami and had a stroll at the downtown area. Another day we explored the historical Coconut Grove district and the touristy Planet Hollywood, people loved for the merchandising souvenirs. Then we visited the world famous art deco district at Miami Beach. To explore the other side of the penisula we drove to Naples, a rather quite place. Then we said “Hello” to the crocodiles at the Everglades and learned about the history of the natural park. Although not included in our package we spent some days in Key West. The whole way down across the keys was surrounded by intensely illuminated houses. Arrived there, there were no beds left in the city. So we had to ask people in the streets where we could stay. Fortunately we found an old man offering us an apartment in his house. So we had the chance to explore the pittoresque area in the next days.

New years eve we took the plane back to Amsterdam.

Unfortunately I don’t have the photos of the journey with me. Maybe I will add them some day.




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