Movie Star

Bauer Super 8 Camera
Bauer Super 8 Camera

Another exercise in memory. When I was 13 I got a Super 8 movie camera, to record all sort of events of my life. Of course this movies had to be controlled, cut and presented. So I had an impressive infrastructure for movies in a few years. If I remember it right, the first one was myself imitating somebody modeling on a mountain. The last one was my autistic french teacher, who always got furious and kicked me out when I was teasing him. Since I was faster than him, I filmed him running backwards, when he was chasing me across the school building.

Don’t ask me for the correct order and the content of the movies between those times. If I remember it right the first major city we have been to was Paris. There I was mostly impressed by the views from Eifel Tower, Tour Montparnasse and Sacre Coer. The second city was Rome. There I was proud to have catched the Urbi et Orbi of the pope. Additionally I filmed all major attractions like the Spanish Stairs, Angel Castle, Trevi Fountain, Vittorio Emanuele and the manifold churches of the Vatican. The third city was London with its major attractions. Then Berlin. Somewhere in between were Barcelona, Berne, Brig, Brighton, Bruxelles, Capri, the Castles of Kent, Chur, Florence, Krk, the Lakes of Constance, Garda, Lucerne and Lugano, Luxembourg, Mallorca, Vevey, Venice and Zermatt.

Unfortunately it has not been possible for me to watch them for a longer time, but if I try to remember what I filmed, the memories become very vivid.

Much to improve in digital ages. From the procedure it was like that: We went to a travel agent, who knew our lifes and travel experiences, what we liked and didn’t. Then she asked about what we wanted to explore next. Built on that she was making further propositions. When travelling I was making movies from what we saw, edited them at home and showed them to people who were interested in those experiences. When watching television I was more involved in what happened in the regions I have been to, than in others.

Today they should be able to fine tune the recommendations, based on my online booking behavior and touchpoints on digital and social media, if I want to, since I am not Oracle. Then they could improve the content and technology of my movies, since I am not Steven Spielberg or HTC. Then they could improve the distribution of the movies and reviews to people most interested in them at any time, since I am not Google. And finally they could develop virtual assistants rehearsing past experiences with me and guiding my future behavior, since I am not Artificial Intelligence and sometimes have no clue what is going on.

At the moment I am annoyed about, that some reviews I wrote have disappeared and Facebook deleted the Interest Lists, where I organized spots I have been to geographically. A bit difficult then, when I want to beam myself into the mood I want to be in, controllable with smartwatches or smartmedicine.


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